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4 Unusual Steps To Attract More Money Into Your Life

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Are you struggling to attract money? I did, until I started following 4 unusual steps that have changed my financial and personal life.

Since then, I've been experiencing one success after another.

A reputable publisher asked me to write a book. Ideas flow effortlessly to me. The right people, information, and solution come up unexpectedly when any challenge arise.


I've become a human magnet for wealth, wonderful opportunities, creative ideas, and good luck. And now, I want to share these 4 steps with you so you too can experience the same.

Step 1: Have A Big Enough "Why."

Imagine for a moment that you're earning $2000 a month from your day job. Then one day, your mom (who has no savings) called to tell you that she has a serious illness; but it can be cured through medical treatments worth $3000 monthly.

If you love your mom, would you be able to find a way to pay for her medical expenses along with your personal expenses? Absolutely!

If you have a big enough "why", you would do anything to achieve what you want.

So let me ask you…

Why do you want more wealth or prosperity? The reason must have a strong emotional attachment to you.

The pleasure you want to attain must be so gratifying – or the pain you want to avoid must be so agonizing – that you would put 100% of your focus and efforts to accomplish your financial goals.

If for example, you're stuck in a dead end job but you want to operate your own business, your "why" (as it relates to pain) could be something like… you want to stop waking up depressed every morning, avoid hours of traffic, and stop worrying about whether you could pay for emergencies and other expenses.

Your "why" (as it relates to pleasure) could be something like… you want to work and earn massively on what you truly love to do, be with your family more often, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Step 2: Change Your Limiting Wealth Beliefs.

Okay, so you said you want to be rich. But deep inside, do you believe that…

– Rich people are greedy or dishonest?
– Your friends and relatives would take advantage of you if you're wealthy?
– Having plenty of money makes you spiritually poor?
– Money can't buy happiness?
– Getting wealthy is not your destiny?
– You're too old (or too young or too uneducated, etc.) to get rich?
And the classic…
– Money is the root of all evil?

If you answered "yes" to any one or more of the above, then you have to change those limiting beliefs pronto!

You can't expect to attract money if you're repelling it at the same time.

Mingle with wealthy people and you will realize they're among the most generous and honest individuals you could meet.

Realize that by being rich, you could help a lot of people (and still have more than enough for yourself and loved ones).

By tithing or contributing to a worthy cause, you could boost your happiness and spiritual well-being at the same time. (After all, God loves cheerful givers.)

Your destiny is in your own hands. And it's never too late nor too early to start accumulating wealth. Stop making excuses!

As Bill Gates said, "If you are born poor, it's not your mistake. But if you die poor, it's your mistake."

Step 3: Surround Yourself With Wealthy, Optimistic People.

If you're serious in attracting wealth, you have to be around rich and successful people as much as possible.

The best thing you could do is find one or more mentors who are already successful in the field you want to enter. You could leverage from their knowledge, experience, and connections. By modeling their system and getting access to their network, you could get a head start and gain momentum in the process.

The next best thing is to attend their seminars, read their books or watch their videos (if they have any). That way, you can adopt their positive mindset, beliefs, and attitude.

On the contrary, beware those people in your life who always complain, discourage you from achieving your goals, drain your energy, or simply make you feel bad. Avoid them at all cost!

Associate and surround yourself only with the right people, so their "aura" can rub off on you. Your financial destiny depends on it!

Step 4: Immerse Yourself With "Wealth Reminders".

"Wealth Reminders" are stuffs that remind you of wealth and other things that you want to be, do, or have.

They will program your mind to be conscious of abundance and prosperity.

Here are some ideas:

– Create a vision board where you paste images of money and other things you desire (such as a mansion, a luxury car, etc.). Put it in a place where you could see it often. Mentally and emotionally put yourself in those images and let your imagination go wild for a few minutes.

– Create a video (aka mind movies) filled with images and affirmations that support your financial goals. Watch it as often as you can. (If you don't know how to create a video, hire a video creator from for just 5 bucks.)

– Write million dollar checks payable to yourself. Put them in your ceiling, in your bathroom mirror, in your wallet, and any other possible spots you can think of.

– Choose a desktop wallpaper or background that depicts stacks of $100 bills or other things that remind you of money.

– Use everyday things with designs that represent wealth and abundance. It could be anything – clothes, blankets, pens, notebooks, plates… the sky's the limit.

On the other hand, eliminating negative influences and things is just as important. Throw or give away stuffs that make you feel down. Avoid watching the news and stop reading gossip magazines.

Follow these 4 unusual ways and you'll soon find yourself getting more wealth opportunities, creating more profitable ideas, and simply having more "lucky" experiences than you've ever had in your life.

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