7 Surprising Reasons Every House Should Have A Salt Lamp

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You visit your friend's house and she has a beautiful orangey glowing light in the corner of t he den. It's like nothing you've ever seen before. The light is soft and it illuminates the corner almost in a romantic way. But wait, it's not an ordinary lamp. This one has magical healing properties. How can that be? Your friend is surprised everyone doesn't have one of these in their house.

Salt lamps are made of 100% Himalayan salt (or at least your lamp should be) which is said to be a negative ion generator. The health claims range from cleaning the air to curing asthma. Salt lamps are hygroscopic which means they attract and trap all the water molecules in the air that carry toxins.

salt_lampWe always seem to be on the lookout for the least invasive and most natural method to heal any issue that seems to have cropped up. From healing herbs to natural sprays, we will purchase whatever claims to restore us back to 100%. So what are the magical healing properties of a salt lamp?

1. Purify the air.

These beautiful room enhancers are great at cleaning the dirt out of the air. If you've burned your dinner or have a smoker in the house, the salt lamp is great for purifying the air. Houses that have unusually high dust activity will benefit from a salt lamp.

2. Reduces electromagnetic radiation.

Cell phones, microwaves, iPad, laptops, TV's, you name it, we all have one of something. Our houses are full of dirty electricity. A salt lamp may not neutralize all the positive ion activity that is floating around in the air from these gadgets but it will surely help to reduce the dirt.

3. Improves breathing.

For asthma sufferers or any one else suffering from a breathing condition, having a salt lamp in your room at night for sleeping is extremely beneficial. As the lamp cleans and purifies the air, breathing becomes easier and sleeping is more restful. For most sufferers, dirty air plays a big part in breathing difficulty. A salt lamp is the perfect little night light for that.

4. Reduces snoring.

Yes, you read that right. The salt lamp has been said to reduce snoring. Now snoring stems from many different health issues but having and keeping a small salt lamp in the corner of your room at night will make a big difference in that the air isn't filled with dust and other pollutants which in part do cause some snoring.

5. Increase energy levels.

When we have a lamp glowing continually throughout the day, and as our air gets cleaned, the effect of the negative ions in the air is beneficial to keeping us alert, energized and less stressed. The less stressed we are; the more energy we have.

6. Mood enhancer.

Not only is the beautiful orange glow sure to put you in a much calmer and peaceful state but the release of negative ions and the reduction in dirty electricity leaves us less stressed, happier and not as agitated. They are also really good for lifting the spirits of those who suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

7. Get a good night sleep.

Because of the reduction of positive ions in the air, of course. Less stress, better air quality, less agitation, calmer moods and all that adds up to a better night's sleep.

Though it is said that it's difficult to prove any of these claims, all you have to do is ask anyone who has had a salt lamp in their house for any length of time and they will tell you of the benefits they have experienced since getting one. Some even have more health claims than the ones listed here. As always, do your research, check them out. If any of the claims are false, at the very least you will have a beautiful and unique lamp in your room.

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