7 Brilliant Ways to Raise Your Consciousness

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The term consciousness can certainly cause a little confusion or quite a stir. Many think it's a new age term when in fact all it simply means is to be aware of your surroundings, your thoughts and your present life. So many of us are thick in the business of life and work and family, that balance and awareness is only something we read about, certainly not anything we have time to actual practice. Ironically enough, when we do take the time to practice awareness we suddenly have more time for life's pleasures.

consciousnessWe aren't here to only work, pay bills and die. There is so much more to life and sadly, many of us miss it, because of the stresses of everyday life. If we spent as much time enjoying the present as we did stressing about the future our happiness levels would be through the roof. Really.

So how do we raise our consciousness and why is it so important? When you become mindfully present, you can see how we are all connected, and it takes you out of your comfort zone into a much deeper understanding of the energy around you and how it envelopes all of us. Simply put, it means raising our consciousness is necessary in order to live a peaceful and loving existence. Here are a few simple ways to do this.

1. Unplug for a day.

Everyone I tell that to just cringes. We have become digital slaves and putting our phones down for even one hour is cause enough f or high anxiety. You need to do this. Turn off cell phones, iPads, computers and every other digital piece you have going on. After you have done this and your hyperventilating has subsided, become aware of your surroundings. The sounds, the people (if any), and the room. Try this for one hour and then work your way up to half a day.

2. Pay attention.

This just sounds harder than it really is. Take a minute or two, maybe on your lunch break to sit in silence and observe your area . The things that make up your lunchroom, or maybe you are in a restaurant or small café. Look a round you. Notice the things. As many things as you can. Feel their energy. Step outside of your head and be present with where you are.

3. Meditation. Of course.

No consciousness blog cannot be without the word meditation. Actually no personal development or self-help blog should be without it. Meditation is by far the best and natural way of healing from the inside out and also to help us become aware of our present state. It's a great tool to release whatever is bottled up inside and stay focused on nothingness.

4. Turn that TV off.

For one day, one week, one month. Television is full of sad news, violence, drama, reality shows (that are pretty unreal) and other garbage. If you don't think you are affected by TV, think again. That news report you just saw about the mass shooting in Timbuctoo will stay with you for at least one week. Dump it, stay away from it. It does nothing to help you appreciate your surroundings or the love around you.

5. Be grateful always.

Gratitude is such a powerhouse feeling in so many ways. It's nice to say thank you when you receive gifts from others or compliments but what about appreciating everything around you with a grateful heart? Your house, your job, your family, your friends. You should be in an eternal start of gratitude. When you are, you are more aware of the blessings in your life today.

6. Be kind and don't judge.

It's hard for us not to judge right? Why is it that we are always so quick to judge? It's easy to point our finger and go off on a rant about someone. Show kindness instead for a change. Stop judging. Put yourself in that person's shoes for one minute, one hour, and one day. When we release negative behaviours we open our minds and our hearts to the bigger picture which is always love and acceptance.

7. Give from the heart, not the ego.

Do you get that? Ego gives but looks for recognition and reward. The ego says "well I did that and no one even said thank you. That's the last time I do that". The heart says "here I love you" smiles and walks away. Choose the heart over your ego. When you do this, you become one with the universal energy which is love.

Raising our consciousness isn't as complicated as people think it is. It really just is being present and enjoying what we have. Not letting life flash by and missing it all. Take time to raise your consciousness today. Your soul, and mental state, will thank you for it.

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