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8 Questions to Turn Your Life's Troubles Into Triumphs

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"If you believe it will work out, you'll see opportunities. If you believe it won't, you will see obstacles." Wayne Dyer

My divorce was my lowest point in my life, filled with trouble and worry.

It was hard to get out of the bed in the morning or see a future for myself.

I thought my life was over when my relationship ended.

You may have gone through something similar. If not a divorce, maybe you ended a relationship, lost a business or lost something else you valued.

life_troublesIn the midst of life's troubles, it's hard to see brighter days ahead.

No matter how positively people tell us to think and even if they tell us time will pass, we find it hard to believe.

Our minds are peppered with gloom and doom.

You'll start thinking, "life's over", "there's no more hope", or "what's the point of it all?"

If you're going through troubled times in life, let me challenge you to view your circumstances under a different light.

Often, changing the questions you ask yourself during difficulties can change the situation itself.

Here are 8 empowering questions to ask yourself to help turn your life's troubles into personal triumphs.

1)       What is hopeful about this situation?

You may not believe it or see it in the current circumstances but there is hope in your situation.

You don't have to throw in the towel quite yet "“ there's always a kernel of hope.

Your job is to discover what you can be hopeful for.

What's the positive aspect here? Is there a solution in the horizon? Can someone be of help?

An ounce of hope can help you persevere and survive the greatest difficulty.

2)       How can this work out in your favor?

This situation might actually resolve in your favor.

It's too early today to see this but how can this situation, no matter how challenging, be a gift for you?

Surviving this difficulty can work in your favor in the future.

The new circumstances will have seeds of opportunity.

Your job is to envision and look for the opportunities to take this difficult situation and turn it to your advantage.

Only when you've realized what doesn't work in life can you find those things that do.

3)       What can you learn from this?

Don't treat the current circumstances through a prism of lack.

View it through a lens of a life lesson.

There is something for you to learn here.

You are being shown a lesson to help you navigate this situation and future life situations.

What is the lesson? What are you being taught? What does life want you to know?

Is this situation similar to something that you saw in the past?

What is the message life is trying to send you? Are there changes you need to make?

Instead of asking "why is this happening to me", start asking what you can learn from the events that are unfolding in your life.

4)       How does this make you stronger?

Ask yourself if these circumstances are preparing you for something bigger down the road.

Will you current problems lead to your future success?

What insights and knowledge will you take with you to the next chapter of your life?

Know that surviving and persisting through this storm will give you more strength and persistence for the next curve ball life throws at you.

5)       How did you survive a similar situation in the past?

Recall a past situation that you stomped through and won.

You've been in this same place before and you got through it.

In fact, you've gotten through every battle that has come your way and you came out stronger because of it.

Think about the last time when you experienced failure or pain "“ reflect on those insights to help you keep moving forward now.

Once a survivor, always a survivor.

6)       Who will your story help?

We need you to keep going even when it is dark because your story will help one of us down the road.

When you survive a breakup, you'll be there for your friend to show them how you survived.

When you're dealing a with business or financial issue, you can be the light for others.

If you've lost a loved one in your life, your story might be the hope for healing for someone else down the road.

There is a purpose to your pain "“ keep that in mind as you move forward.

7)       What are you grateful for?

No matter how bleak the circumstances are, you can feel better about them, if you just look around and stay thankful for all the good things that are going on in your life.

You can be thankful for the small things and the big things "“ a place to live, food to eat, a supportive family, a professional job and loving pets.

Even if everything is falling apart, there are some things that you're overlooking. The thoughtful friend"¦the friendly neighbor"¦the kind gesture"¦

Look for things to be grateful for and you'll turn your perspective around rather quickly.

8)       What will you do today?

You can't turn it around in an instant but you can take one small action today to improve your situation.

You may not have control about much of what is happening but you do have control over   something.

What is that one small thing you can do today to change your situation?

Who can you reach out to? Who can you call? What resource is available to you?

What small risk can you take?

What small action can you do today to turn things around?

The key to turning your tough life situation into a success is to change the questions you're asking.

Ask yourself powerful and empowering questions.

Look for hope and opportunities.

Stay positive and grateful.

Take it one day at a time and one action at a time.

You'll realize that you can get through this and come out stronger than before.

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