6 Types Of People You Should Keep Away From

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People are funny and beautiful and wonderful and great and then not so good. We meet someone for the first time and we think they are awesome and we want to be best friends with them and then a week later find out that may not be such a good idea. We come in all shapes and sizes with many colourful personalities. The happy the sad, the good and the bad. As much as people are, for the most part, good, there are still some people we need to keep away from.

Have you ever noticed that when you hang out with a happy person, you just end up being happy too? The same applies to toxic or negative people. If you hang out with them too long, you pick up their bad habits.   Not so much fun. Here are 6 types of people you should definitely stay away from.

Group of young people having fun dancing at  party.The Gossiper.

Steer clear. These people have nothing better to do than talk about everyone at work, in the neighbourhood, at the local café, in their family and in their town. They thrive on gossip and can often be found making stuff up just to have something to talk about. chances are, if they are gossiping that much, they're talking about you when you're not around. Keep away.

The Pity party goer.

The ones who talk only about all the horrible things that are happening in their life. Their life is one tragic event after another. Nothing ever goes right in their life and a black cloud looms over their head all day every day. They will grab anybody by the arm to tell them of their shit life. That's pretty much all they talk about. They are time vampires. Run away fast.

The judge.

The judge who judges every single person that crosses their path. In their minds, they are perfect and everyone else is beneath them. They waste no time passing judgement on people and have no qualms about doing it either. Everyone is either stupid, ugly or bad. They pass judgment without even getting to know the person and finding out if there is even any truth in the judgment they are passing. They just really don't care.

The party animal.

Though this person will be fun to hang with in the beginning, after awhile it gets tiring and very hard on your body to maintain this toxic lifestyle of drinking and partying every weekend not to mention, it will be really hard on your wallet. The party animal wants to party all the time, every weekend, with weekends starting on Wednesday and ending on Sunday. Hang on to your wallet, and your liver, and walk away.

The bully.

They may seem nice at first, they may even be really nice to you and charm you but eventually their true colours show and you see this person is nothing but a bully and a wee bit of a control freak. If you can't put them in their place, which is a good idea anyway, then it's time to walk away from this jerk. They are hurting deeply on the inside, as most bullies are, and they will only use you to poke their anger at.

The whiner/complainer.

Much like the pity party goer, this person just wants to complain and whine about everything. From the price of gas to the fact that it's too hot outside.   The train is loud, the street is dirty, the kids are noisy, the music is horrible. Nothing makes this person happy and they see bad in everything. no matter how hard you try, they will not see the bright side. Run fast or you'll end up just like them.

When you see any of these traits come out full force in anyone, it's time to pack it in and run away. Many people just love to hear their own voices, even if they are saying something kind and loving. There may be a wee bit of hope for them to change, but remember, change comes from them, not you.

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