6 Types of Friends Worth Spending Time With.

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Next to family, friends are the most important people to have in our lives. We always need that one person to call when we are sad, happy or just plain pissed off. That one person we can scream, cry and laugh with. Sure, we can do some of that with family but sometimes it's our family that we want to bitch about. In walks your best friend.

Not All Friends are Created Equal

Friends are not created equal either. Nope. I have some friends that I can discuss work with and some friends I can solve all the world's problems with. I think it's vitally important to have a nice blend of friends.   Now let's not get friends and acquaintances confused. So many people do that. To me, a friend is someone you can trust, you can be yourself with, you can share many things with safely and hold a mutual respect for. Of course, the definition for friend is much deeper than that. Just my version. Do you have people in your life like that? I sure hope so. Even one is better than none at all.

So who do you want to spend your free time with? Depends on your mood I suspect. Personally, I think if you have a friend that you treasure and value then they are worth spending time with. Any friend is worth spending time with, really.   So let's break this down into 5 categories of friends.

The "you're my #1 fan" friend.  

You have GOT to hang out with this friend more often, especially when you are feeling like a failure or your self-confidence is crumbling.   This friend is going to stroke your ego so hard you will need rip off the door frames so that your head will fit through the door on the way out.   This is the friend you need to hang out with when you are about to embark on a major adventure and you are feeling insecure or afraid. This is the person that is so convinced you are super human, they will have you believing it in no time. They will shout out your name in praise to anyone that will listen. Yup, you need to hang with this friend more often.

The sensitive one.

This is the friend that will show you the softer side of life. The side that we tend to ignore or forget. This friend will help you realize that sometimes we need filters in the things we say or do because not everyone thinks like we do or acts like we do and we need to respect that. Hanging around this friend will open your heart and your mind and help you to reconnect with the sweeter side of you.

Let's be epic and do crazy shit.

Everyone should have one of these friends. This is the one that is going to push you straight out of your comfort zone and into a life of whirlwind adventures that you know you would never do on your own. If you want to face fear and try something new, call this friend. They already have the adventure planned and booked by the time you get to their house. Ready to go sky diving? Call the crazy friend. How about an unplanned and totally random road trip to who knows where? This is the friend you are going to call and have the time of your life with.

The bitch fest friend.

Mainly for the girls this one, as guys don't bitch (ahem, cough, cough)

Someone in your family, or at work, just got on the very last nerve you have and you absolutely can't take much more. You're about to blow up with fury and you just need to scream, vent, curse and cry. Call this friend. They are going to be right there beside you yelling "YES, YOUR BOSS IS THE BIGGEST JERK EVER, RIGHT??" When you and bitchfest friend are done screaming and cursing, you feel like a million bucks and the weight of the world just got lifted off your shoulders. I love this friend!!

The drinking buddy.

The drinking buddy is a great friend to have.  They usually go out with you anytime you would like and you reciprocate by going out with them any time they fancy it.  It's a win win buddy.

Sometimes the drinking buddy can end up becoming a lifelong close friend, as you tend to open up more when you've had a few too many and a stronger bond is then created between you.

Whisper in my ear.

This is the one you can tell your deepest darkest secrets to and know you will never be judged AND your secret is as safe as the ring in Mordor. You need to never lose this friend. No matter what, they will always be there for you. If you can trust them with your secrets, you already know you can trust them with absolutely everything. Yes, this is the true keeper friend.

If you have any or all of these friends then you are already more blessed than most. Hang on to them. Don't let them go. If you don't have any of these friends yet, don't be sad. You probably just haven't met them yet. Be open to meeting and making new friends. Quite often when we meet someone new, you will feel an instant connection. Look into it more. Grow it. Nurture it. This new friend could quite possibly turn into friend #1.

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