6 Signs You Have Found The Right Partner

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Love is true bliss. It puts a spring in our step, a song in our heart and a whisper in our soul. We all want love, but having true love, real love with the right partner is nothing short of mind blowing and fantastic. Many of us search high and love for that true love. I'm a firm believer in the theory that love will come when you least expect it. Mind you, many have indeed found love on dating sites and such with beautiful results.

Now that fate has brought you and your partner together, how do you know if they are the right one for you? The perfect match for you. Is there a formula or a hand guide to follow that can aid in determining if this is the one? Well, while there is no such guide, there are a few signs that might be it a little easier for you to determine if you are walking down the aisle in the future.

Young affectionate couple kissing tenderly on Christmas street1. That feeling.

Your intuition, your sixth sense. Listen to it. We all get that feeling when we know something is wrong, just as we get that feeling when we know something is right. If something feels off with your new partner, it probably is. If it feels great and right, it probably is. Your intuition doesn't lie, but you have to know how to listen to it and pay attention to it.

2. Patience.

Does your partner have patience? Maybe a little more than you? How does your partner react in traffic jams, with your family, standing in line at the grocery store, listening to a screaming crying baby? If they handle all that like a boss and still smile, hang on to him/her. They have the patience of an Angel which is truly important and something you will appreciate in years to come.

3. Loyal and trusting friends.

This may sound rather odd, but if they have a small circle of some of the best friends in the world then you know you got a great person. Their friends hold them in high regard and will stick with them through thick and thin. This shows true character and can put your mind to ease as far as their integrity goes. If a person has a strong bond with their small circle of friends, you can be sure they are held in high regard and can be trusted.

4. Loving but not smothering.

They love you, but don't feel the need to have to be with you 24/7. They trust and respect you enough to give you your space and do your own thing. The need to be in your back pocket isn't there. They understand the importance of personal space and are quite happy to give you yours as they expect theirs too.

5. Kind and accepting.

This person doesn't judge and treats everyone equally, with great respect and kindness. You will never hear this person utter mean or ignorant words to a homeless person, their boss or someone in your family. They show respect and kindness to people and will have no issues helping anyone if they can. They do not judge and will stop anyone who is judging or criticizing another. They have little tolerance for people who do that.

6. Sense of humor.

You might not think this is too important until you spend time with someone who doesn't have one. Then you'll see and understand. Humor is a pretty special part of any relationship. There's nothing better than enjoying a good giggle with someone who loves you or having that same person inject humour into a bad situation. Laughter is good medicine and it's nice to be with someone who can make you laugh.

These are only a few signs that you may have found the right partner though I'm sure I can add 100 more things to this list. I believe these are the important things to take note of first and foremost. If your new partner shows any of these signs, I think you just may have found the one. But with anything, time will tell.

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