6 Filthy Habits You Should Drop Before You Hit 40

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Filthy is such a dirty word and though not all these habits are filthy, they should definitely be put on the table and maybe even get axed. Many things we do in our early years plays a huge and critical part in our lives as we age. Smoking for one, (yes you knew I was going to say it) is probably the #1 thing that everyone should drop asap as the long term health impact is fatal. But you already knew that.

Here is a list of 6 things you need to have a look at again and perhaps get rid of them. In no particular order and smoking is not on there. You already know.

habits1. Tanning beds.

Or tanning in general if you are baking to the point where you are practically unrecognizable. You are basically cooking your skin. There will always be the case of how much sun is too much sun. I am a firm believer that we all need some vitamin D but not to the degree that you eventually look like a piece of leather. If you are in your 20's think about what you are going to look like when you are 50. You are beautiful now and I'm pretty sure you want to be beautiful then too.

2. Oral hygiene.

Do not ever neglect dental care. Do your research and you will see how much oral health impacts your general overall health. Not only that, no one really wants to be close to someone who has dragon breath. And if you like smiling a lot, and who doesn't, wouldn't you rather smile with all your teeth, all pearly and white? But seriously, take care of your teeth. Now.

3. Spending too much money.

I get that it's nice to have a new car and designer clothes and that kick arse stereo but what does your savings account look like? Any money in there? You could lose your job tomorrow, right? You could end up in an extremely high credit zone. Anything could happen and if you are in your 30's or nearing your 40's, well anytime really, you can't rely on your parents to bail you out anymore. Don't spend all your money the minute you get paid. The old saying save some for a rainy day has a lot of meaning to it.

4. Stop judging people.

It's funny to point and laugh at that homeless person right now but you don't know their story and you don't know how they got there. A lot of them are just like you. Came from a decent family, had a good job and then lost everything. Don't judge. It doesn't make you a very nice person and when your day comes that you may need help, well, who do you think is going to want to help you? The person who is most likely to help you is the homeless one you spent years pointing and laughing at.

5. Eating crap and not exercising.

Get on that exercising thing right now. Like today. And as far as eating crap goes, you best get a food guide and start checking off the things you are supposed to be eating and replace the greasy crap you are eating now. You'll thank me for this later. If you don't get a grip on that stuff now, in 20 or 30 years you will rely heavily on medical care at whose expense? Will you have the money for it then? What quality of life do you want when you retire?

6. Worrying and stressing.

Mostly about things that haven't even happened yet. Get a handle on that now or you will drive yourself crazy as you get older and the stress will take a severe toll on your health, especially your heart and blood pressure. Quite possibly, your mental health as well. If you don't already, start meditating, journaling or whatever else it may take to help you stop worrying and stressing about life in general. It doesn't do you any good now and it will be worse later. Stop now.

There is no rule book to follow, no promises of a good life, no magic wand to make all our dreams and wishes come true. The life we have is the only one we get. Make the most of it early on so you can enjoy it to the fullest later on.

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