5 Ways to start Lucid Dreaming

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You might have heard of lucid dreaming and may have even experienced a few lucid dreams but can you make them happen every night?

The answer is a definite yes.

lucid_dreamingWhat is Lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is when you wake up consciously within your dream, whilst your body is still asleep. This means that you can control your dream. It takes practice and patience but once you have mastered the art of lucid dreaming, it can be life changing.

I first started lucid dreaming about 15 years ago and the first experience left me euphoric for about 1 week. I researched it at the time and eventually was able to control my dreaming life.

Here are 5 ways to get you started on your lucid adventures

  1. Start by learning to remember your normal dreams. This can be done quite easily after a few days. Before you drop off to sleep, tell yourself that you will remember your dreams as soon as you wake up. That is all there is to remembering your dreams. Soon you will be able to remember all your dreams and you will be able to do it without telling yourself.

  2. During your waking day, ask yourself 'Am I dreaming'. Really ask yourself and don't just tell yourself that you are not dreaming, look for clues as to why you are not dreaming. A lot of people say they pinch themselves, but you can do this in a dream and feel the pain of the pinch, so that is not a good indicator. I usually tell myself if this is a dream I would be able to start flying, try, and will yourself to fly. Obviously don't throw yourself off a bridge and then tell yourself you should be able to fly if this was a dream. In dreams it is well know that you cannot read properly, as the words become jumbled and start shifting, try and read billboards whilst you are out and about. Ask yourself this question about 5 times throughout your day.

  3. A lot of lucid dreams occur whilst in the Alpha stage of sleep. You can learn to lucid dream quicker if you wake up about an hour earlier than usual and then drift back off to sleep asking yourself if you are dreaming. You will then drift back into an alpha stage sleep cycle. When you do start to dream again keep asking if you are dreaming and then try something like flying, just tell yourself to lift off the ground and fly. This will work eventually

  4. When you have your first lucid dream the trick then is trying to control it. When your first lucid dream occurs you will become excited and more than likely lose the dream as the body gets too excited and will wake you up. Try and stay calm when you first realise you are lucid dreaming. There are advanced techniques for staying within a lucid dream like "˜spinning', this is where you get your body to spin as fast as you can and this, for some reason, prevents you losing the lucidity.

  5. Be aware of some strange phenomenon such as "˜sleep paralysis' which is when your body is paralysed but your mind is fully awake. You cannot move your body at all but you will still be able to look around you and think normally. A panic might set in at this stage. This is a natural phenomenon for people who practice lucid dreaming and astral projection and the trick here is to stay calm and try and move 1 finger at a time and eventually the paralysis will wear off.

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