10 Ways to become a wealthy thinker

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A lot of people are poor thinkers, which will limit them when it comes to bringing money into their lives. By a "˜poor thinker' I mean someone who thinks they are relatively poor and will never be anything more. Most people won't even realise it.

Ask yourself, right now, how much you think you are worth in terms of your employment. I can almost guarantee you the figure you came to was based on your current salary. Now add a "˜0' onto the end of the figure you came to; how does that make you feel? If you thought "˜there is no way I am worth that', then you are a poor thinker.

wealthThis article will show you 10 ways to get out of the "˜poor thinker' mode and open up a wealthy mindset.

  1. Get used to the higher figures in your life. You are surrounded by high figures; your mortgage, your car loan, your credit card statements, etc. These figures are all debt figures and are figures that you dread when you look at them. Now it's time love the high figures, not the debt, just the figures. Ask yourself every day how you can pay off each debt, one at a time and learn to love making that £10,000 to pay off the loan, or that £15,000 to pay of your car loan. When you learn to love paying off your debt as quickly as possible you will be thinking in big numbers and get used to them. When your debt is cleared you will already be used to thinking big and start living the life you want.

  1. Think of 1 way every week to make an extra £10 per day. Believe me there are a million ways to do it; sell your old junk on eBay, write a report and start selling it, take your neighbours dog for a walk every day and many more, and much more creative than what I've just mentioned.
  2. Take action; don't spend too long thinking about making that extra £10 per day, pick a few and take action, if it doesn't work leave it and move on.
  3. Although it might not be possible to start socialising with wealthy people it is possible to start interacting with people who are taking action to become wealthy. These people are online and reside in a place called Forum City. Join a forum to start mixing with wealthy thinkers and wealthy action takers. These forums can be inspirational and get you thinking wealthy thoughts.
  4. Believe, truly believe, that you can become wealthy. Truly believing you can become wealthy takes a lot of hard work, especially if you have had the "˜poor thinking' mindset for a long time. More than likely it started in childhood and continued on through adulthood, so don't give up and keep believing and taking action to becoming wealthy.
  5. Become committed to becoming wealthy, don't take it light heartedly. Wealthy people are thinking about building their wealth every day. Becoming committed means thinking about it often and taking action on those thoughts.
  6. Right now, you are worth more than you get paid from an employer. You are used to trading your time for someone else's idea of how much your time is worth. It's time to start setting your own rates. I don't mean pack your job in and start a business. I mean start doing something on your terms and on your rates. If you think that your babysitting is worth £20 an hour instead of £5 per hour, set the new rates and start advertising.
  7. Becoming wealthy means giving up the time you spend watching TV, getting up early, and stop wasting time "˜faffing' (faffing means wasting time doing insignificant activities).
  8. Becoming wealthy also means thinking wealthy thoughts. Get rid of the "˜faffing' thoughts and concentrate more on how to make more money. I would rather think about living the life I want than thinking about what I watched on TV last night.
  9. Think long term when it comes to wealth. When you have started making money and getting used to the bigger numbers start making your money work for you both in the present and the future. Then when you have all bases covered start making your money work passively for you, meaning less input from you and more money.

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