5 Ways Energy Sensitive People Benefit from Oceans, Rivers, Streams and Lakes

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Many people find bodies of water calming, relaxing and refreshing.   Oceans, rivers, streams and lakes are worldwide favorite spots for travel and vacation; and waterside homes are very sought after around the globe.   For energy sensitive or empathic people, the draw to water is even more intense; it's as if it calls to us in some way.

The magnetic pull Empaths feel to water has to do with energy.   Nature, in general, helps people release negative energy and keeps us grounded (in our root chakra).   When you feel down or stressed, taking a walk in nature can be uplifting.   For Empaths, there is an even deeper connection to nature that is almost inexplicable.   It is a craving or yearning that cannot be ignored.   The energy of nature is more tied to the energy of Empaths, and that connection calls to us often.

osho_quotesNature is more than a relaxing place for an empath, it is healing and restorative.   Water has a particularly special draw and is a source of great comfort, rest and more.   Because Empaths are highly sensitive to energy, they constantly have to take great care of their vibration and the energy they are exposed to; their self-care regimen requires awareness and diligence for optimal well-being.   Water changes this fact for Empaths, and understanding why can be life changing (almost life saving in some cases).   Spending as much time as possible or ,even better, living near water can truly benefit an empath in immense ways; making their self-care needs easier to maintain because of the energy and healing properties of water.

Here are 5 ways sensitive people benefit from being near Oceans, rivers, streams and lakes:

1. Cleansing

Water is cleansing.   It cleans our bodies, but it can also clear our energy.   Submerging in a body of water can clean up our vibration of stuck negative energy and restores you to a state of balance.   For an Empath, this is so important because that negative energy can be so draining and potentially cause health issues (physical and emotional).

2. Chakra balancing (tides and currents)

The flow of water balances your chakras.   Chakras are energy points in our body.   The seven major chakras run from the base of your spine to the top of your head (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown).     Chakras are light energy, each one is a different color (same colors as a rainbow, starting at the root chakra).   When balanced, the colors are clear and each chakra spins clockwise in harmony.   Our bodies benefit from energy balance, as well as our surrounding organs.   Chakras can become out of balance in daily life, which can have a tremendous impact on the well-being of an energy sensitive empath.   The current and tides of large bodies of water (the energy flow) restores energy balance in a similar way that energy healing, like Reiki, does.

3. Detoxing (salt water)

Salt is a detoxing agent for our bodies.   We naturally release physical toxins through sweat and emotional toxins through tears.   Soaking in a sea salt bath or using a sea salt scrub helps release toxins (that is why it is popular for spas to use these products).   The Ocean is like an enormous salt bath or soak.   Combined with the salt in the air, it offers amazing detoxing qualities that nothing compares too.   The balance of ions in the air near Oceans benefits our health and well-being; this is why salt lamps are so helpful (but cannot completely compare to the real thing).

4. Healing crystals (sand)

Sand on beaches near Oceans, lakes and river banks has healing properties.   Each grain of sand is like a miniature healing crystal.   Plugging our bare body parts, especially feet,   into the sand helps to recharge our root chakra and boost our energy.   Sand also brings us back to a more playful, childlike state; raising our vibration and helping us remember our more peaceful state of being

5. We are water

One of the primary reasons there is a deep connection for all humans to water is the reality that our bodies are partially made of water (over 50% for adults).   Empaths tend to have more natural body awareness, so what our body needs we will crave and yearn for.   Our body needs to connect to the water for restorative and healing purposes.   Empaths are literally drawn to the water, in part, because their bodies need it.

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