5 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently (and You Can Too)

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We are all intuitive!

Let that sink in.

Every person has intuitive senses, thoughts, feelings and even premonitions.   Our intuition is a combination of senses that serve to positively guide us for our highest good.   Some people have a natural gift with being more sensitive and perceptive with their intuition and energy, but anyone can become highly intuitive with practice and faith.   It is something that can be more and more developed over time.

highly_intuitive2The more intuitive you become, the more peaceful your life will be.   Intuitive senses can help you make positive choices and decisions much more easily, they can help you avoid stress, avoid danger, and ultimately make your life easier and less complicated.   Being highly intuitive fosters self-care and self-reliance along with compassion and kindness.   There is truly no down side to developing your intuition and learning to trust your instincts unconditionally.

People who are naturally highly intuitive operate in a different way; they tend to lead with positivity, trust and faith instead of fear and doubt.   Highly intuitive people generally have a more developed sense of self, which supports the self-trust,needed in following your intuition.   Highly intuitive people are also faithful people; they have a sense of and belief in that which cannot be seen or traditionally proven (the metaphysical, spiritual or super natural); and they are not afraid of it.

If you have an interest in becoming more aligned with your intuition, and creating more peace in your life, there are some habits or practices you can cultivate to support those desires.   For highly intuitive people, these things might come more naturally; but truly anyone can foster them.   These practices support our highest good and will have benefits far beyond improving your intuition; they will generally improve all aspects of your life.

Here are 5 things highly intuitive people do differently (and you can too):

1.   Self-trust

Highly Intuitive people trust themselves.   This trust is not based on a complete absence of doubt, it's comes from knowing that our instincts are based on more than what our minds can fathom.   Our intuitive instincts are based on a combination of energy sensitivity, our higher-self knowledge and our experiences.   Without trust (and faith), the intuitive instincts shut down and we tend to make fear-based decisions.   The best choices in our lives always stem from our intuition.   Developing unconditional trust in yourself is vital to increasing your intuition to higher levels.   Start by becoming more aware of how you question your judgment and discernment on a daily basis.   If you seek the counsel of several different people when making decisions, that is a sign your self-trust is lacking.   Instead, go within and use techniques like meditation to help you become more comfortable with your own counsel.   When in doubt, ask for a sign that helps you feel more confident about the intuitive feelings you are having (guardian angels in particular are great at giving us helpful signs).

2. Understand Energy

Intuitive instincts are a reaction to energy.   People who are energy sensitive tend to have a more natural and stronger connection to these instincts, but they can be heightened even if you aren't highly energy sensitive.   Understanding that everything is energy is important, because that is the subtle way our intuition communicates to us through our senses and feelings.   Lower vibrating energy, for instance, can result in a sense or feeling of being uncomfortable.   For example, when we are being lied to (lying is very low vibrating energy), we can usually sense it in some way; I feel discomfort in my Solar Plexus chakra or stomach area.   This is a reaction to the energy, it is our intuition communicating to help guide us.   Learning about your chakras, which are energy points in our bodies, is a great start to understanding more about energy and how our bodies react to it.

3. Accept the Unexplained

Our intuition is a guidance system, not an explanation system.   There will absolutely be times you cannot explain your gut feelings about a person, situation or decision.   Highly intuitive people are just fine with not knowing every reason for their psychic feelings.   In order to truly benefit from our intuitive instincts, we have to accept that some things are beyond explanation, or maybe just not for us to know at the present moment.   Getting comfortable with the unexplained opens you up to a more unlimited mindset and aligns you with the flowing, positive energy of abundance.   This is the habit of manifesting miracles; having this kind of faith will benefit your life in so many ways.

4. Follow Intuitive Guidance

Highly intuitive people listen to and follow their intuition on a consistent basis.   This is born of self-trust, but it is so because the times we have gone against our instincts have proven to lead us to unpleasant circumstances.   Following the path you know is right for you takes a lot of self-confidence, especially if it is not the popular opinion.   Strengthening your Solar Plexus chakra can help increase your confidence and support you in following your intuition more and more.   Our intuition is guiding with no other agenda than that which is for our highest and best good.   It brings us peace because we avoid stress when we listen to our true feelings, and in turn this makes our planet more peaceful (one person at a time).

5. Avoid Toxic Energy

Highly intuitive people are more sensitive to energy, they can feel it more.   Exposure to negative energy can literally drain or fatigue them or even make them sick.   The more intuitive your become, the less tolerant you become to negative energy; this is due to a heightened awareness to energy that creates more sensitivity.   Toxic energy simply doesn't feel good and that is because of its lower vibration.   Negative behaviors, like violence or unkindness, ignite your intuition to warn you that something is not right.   Learning to avoid toxic energy heightens your intuition even more because it allows you to more easily maintain a higher vibration; which is necessary for these senses.   It also

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