What Is Spirituality And What Does It Mean For You?

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What is it actually to be spiritual? What does it mean? Is it the same as being religious? Let us take a stab at defining what spirituality is.

You know that ´something ´ beyond the physical exists

When you are spiritual, you know that you are part of something much bigger than you. You have left the materialistic worldview behind, and you know that the world cannot be reduced to what you can see and touch. You know that ´something ´ beyond the material exists. We can call that spirit, soul or higher self. You know that there is a guiding principle in the universe and that we are all one. You can call this guiding principle God or Source, but you do not subscribe to the old religious concept of an angry and judgemental God. Your God is a loving entity. You know that you must treat others the way you want to be treated yourself, and you know that this is not the only life you live.

spirituality-egoSpiritual science

The Danish visionary and mystic Martinus called his bulk of work, consisting of more than 9000 pages of spiritual wisdom, ´cosmology ´ or spiritual science. Martinus ´ work reveals the science of the spiritual dimension. He reveals the laws that govern the spiritual world, because obviously the spiritual world is governed by laws in the same way as the physical world is. We all know the law of gravity, which dictates that an object will fall to the ground, when it is no longer sustained. Just as there are laws for the physical world, there are laws for the spiritual world. Let us look at some of these laws:

The laws

The law of movement: this law decrees that there is no straight line in the universe. All matter moves according to this law, be it physical or spiritual matter (energy). What we see as a straight line, is actually a part of a circle, but the circle can be so huge that a part looks like a straight line. Movement is also transformation from one to state to another. Everything is changing constantly, everything is in movement and nothing is exactly the same as it was yesterday. This principle is important as a basis for the understanding of other spiritual laws.

The law of preservation of energy: energy cannot cease to exist. It cannot be dissolved or evaporate. And there is energy everywhere. What was once thought of as empty space is not empty at all. It is full of energy. Energy cannot be seen by the naked eye, but that does not mean that it does not exist. Thoughts are energy, according to Martinus. When we place electrodes on the head, we can measure thought activity, so it is clear that thoughts are a kind of measurable energy. Our own thoughts are identical to our life force, and the huge sea of energy that exists in empty space is also thoughts. Thoughts and consciousness are the same. We live in a conscious universe. A consciousness necessarily has to belong to somebody, as we cannot have consciousness without a living being. The huge and enormous living being whose thoughts permeate the universe is God.

The law of immortality. We are primarily spiritual beings and we eternally have a spiritual body. It is only occasionally that we have a physical body. Because our consciousness consists of energy and energy cannot cease to exist, we are eternal beings living in an eternal universe. Our consciousness, consisting of our ´I ´ and thought sphere, cannot cease to exist. What we think of as death is no death at all; it is just an exchange of bodies. When our physical instrument has become useless due to old age or injury, then our consciousness will be carried by one of our several spiritual bodies. But we are exactly the same as we were before, only now lighter, as we no longer have the heavy, physical body. In our spirit body, we will enter the spiritual world on a wavelength that corresponds to the most developed part of our psyche. We stay there until it is again time for us to reincarnate and create a new physical body.

The law of reincarnation. Reincarnation is a fundamental principle and all life forms reincarnate, be they atoms, molecules, cells, organs, plants, animals, humans, planets, suns and galaxies. All these are living beings. It is through reincarnation that the breath of life is blown into the physical plane of existence.   We reincarnate on the physical plane to move on in our evolution. We cannot evolve on the spiritual plane, which is a plane of rest. Therefore, we come to the physical plane in a physical body to learn, experience and evolve. For each life we live, we add to our bulk of experience. We take all our accumulated knowledge with us into our next life. For each life we live, we become wiser, nobler and more moral.

The law of attraction. This law decrees that energies on similar wavelengths attract each other and that energies on dissimilar wavelengths repel each other. This law is absolutely fundamental to the workings of the universe. The heavenly bodies such as planets and suns (stars) are held in place by this law. It is this law that enables us to listen to radio, watch television, receive text messages, talk on a mobile phone and move about in cyber space. Also in our own lives, the law of attraction plays a major role. It is this law that has placed us in our relationships, our jobs, our family and our circle of acquaintances. We can actively make this law work for us, when we consciously decide to ´clean up ´ our thought sphere and only focus on things we like and what we want to achieve in life. The law of attraction will bring those things to us, if we focus on them consistently. Our wishes will come true, in either this life or the next. This is decreed by the strongest law of the universe: the law of attraction.

The law of karma. When we send out an energy in the shape of an act, this energy will come back to us eventually. In this way we create our fate, because we reap as we sow. The law of karma decrees that what we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves. Everything we do to others will come back to our own life as fate. If you kill, you will be killed, if you lie, you will be lied to, if you steal, you will be stolen from, if you smile, you will be smiled at and if you love, you will be loved. The law of karma is regulated by the law of movement and the law of attraction. It cannot be recommended enough to only sow what you want to reap.

"¢ The law of prayer. Even when we are sitting alone in our room, we are not alone. Nobody is ever alone. Each and every one of us has guardian angels, and they are around us on a constant basis. We have one ´head ´ angel, who is our own personal guardian, and furthermore we have one or two lesser guardians, that can be called in when needed. Our smallest sigh is heard by our guardian angels, and they will always react. If we are in danger, they will come to our rescue, if it is our karma to be rescued. Our guardian angels will always procure the best help for us seen in the broader perspective. They will never interfere in our karma and will always act in our best interest in the long run. It is our guardian angels and other angels that act as God ´s listening devices. They hear all our prayers and are always there to assist us. It is an extremely good idea to pray on a daily basis, as there is tremendous help in praying.

Spirituality is not faith based

Spirituality is not based in faith as the religions are. You become spiritual when you have left the dogmatic religions behind, because they did not nourish your intellect. You become spiritual, when you can no longer believe, but have a need to know. Most people will become spiritual after a certain period of atheism, because they need to distance themselves from anything faith based, and have not yet discovered spirituality. Spirituality appeals to our intellect and makes us see a much bigger picture that the one offered by materialist science. With a spiritual outlook, you lose all fear of death and can start enjoying life in a completely new way.

The plan

There is a plan with our existence, but when you only adhere to the materialist science, you are never going to be told what that plan is. The materialistic science, which has brought us a sea of technical benefits, only operates with what can be seen, measured and weighed, so it will never be able to come up with a revelation of the plan. This plan lies behind the creation of the universe and is the raison d ´Ãªtre for our own existence. We are eternal beings on an equally eternal journey because we are all a tiny part of God. Right now, it is part of the plan for us to evolve into becoming all-loving, peaceful human beings who live to serve others. But the plan is much bigger than that and you can read about it in my books.

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