5 Surprising Benefits of Owning Less Stuff

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It's time to have the talk again. You know the talk . The one about how much stuff do you have and how much stuff do you really need? The talk about living beyond your means and always trying to keep up with the neighbours. It's a very materialistic world we live in. Big box stores opening up on every block, big sale day's right after holidays (Black Friday, boxing day sales, etc.). Yes we are continually bombarded with great deals and great items. The latest updates on phones and computers, the next new big screen TV. It's completely overwhelming to say the least.

becoming_minimalistWe live in a very entitled spoiled era. Bigger better badder. We want it all. But the question here is , do you really need to have it all? Chances are, probably not. We just want it. Most of the time, our stuff fills a void for us. We buy something because it's usually a temporary fix to an underlying issue that hasn't been resolved. Our newest latest gadget makes us happy for a time being, then we're back to square one feeling empty again, until we go out and purchase the next latest gadget, again. And the vicious cycle continues.

So when does it stop? How do we put an end to this materialistic madness? And why should we anyway? Here are a few reasons why you may not realize that less really is more.

1. You'll owe less money which in turns means you will have more money.

Now this sounds like a no brainer but people don't always get that. A couple of hundred here, a few twenties there, next thing you know, the end of the month you have spent more money on stuff that you really didn't need. Start keeping track and see how much you really do waste on unnecessary things.

2. Let's go see places.

Instead of laying around on your new sectional watching your new 70" TV why not get in the car and drive to a random little spot out of town and have a picnic or simply explore its beauty. We miss out on so many things around us because we are glued to the comforts of all the luxuries in our house. Get out more. There is true beauty on the outside.

3. More freedom.

Stuff sometimes weighs us down. The m ore stuff we have in our house, the more we are chained to it and the more time we spend with it. Sounds ridiculous but it's true. We just want to be with our stuff and own it and sh ow it off and talk about it. We are consumed by it and it controls our lives. The less we have the freer we will be.

4. Put good use to the good stuff.

How much stuff do you have tucked away in drawers, in shelves and in closets that you even forgot you had? Get rid of this useless stuff and learn to make use of the good stuff you have. You'll appreciate it and enjoy it more. Sometimes we buy things, use them once or twice, and put them high on a shelf. We see it way up there but it's usually too much trouble to get it down so we just never use it again. Time to purge.

5. Cleaning is so much easier.

Really it is. You won't have to move as much stuff around to get into the corners to clean and you'll have less stuff to dust. Besides no one likes dusting anyway. Even picking up around the house and tidying up will be more enjoyable too. Less to clean, happier you will be. And that crammed storage closet you have? Well if you got rid of most of the junk in there you can actually put that closet to good use for a change.

Some of us are greatly attached to our things and the rest of us are just too afraid to start cleaning and purging because it's going to be a big job. Start small and slow but remember to start somewhere. The feeling of freedom you will get by liberating yourself of most of your stuff will be unlike anything you have felt in a long time. Try it. If you've been thinking of downsizing for some time now, start today. Someone else could probably use some of your stuff too!

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