5 Steps for Turning Your Passion Into Profit

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Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make money by doing something that you love?

The internet has changed the world of employment forever and more businesses than ever before are being created as we are starting to realise that  creating a business for ourselves is now easier than ever.  No longer do we have to help someone else realise their dream by being employed, we can realise our own dreams by creating our own business.

I truly believe that anyone with a huge dollop of determination and a passion to help others can  start their own business, but there are a few things required to do this:

  • Determination
  • The right mindset
  • Belief
  • A plan
  • A willingness to learn

When you have all of the above I think anyone can start their own business.  Is it easy? NO, but with the belief and the desire it truly is possible.

After reading a great ebook on this subject I was inspired to write this article giving a quick outline on turning your passion into profit.

In this brilliant ebook it goes into much more detail than I can here, and it's from someone who is making 8 figures per year.

5 Steps for Turning Your Passion Into Profit

1. Find your niche

Whatever your passion is you can almost guarantee that there are thousands of people around the world who love the same thing.  I have seen people making thousands of dollars per month on strange niches  like:

How to make a potato gun
How to build a chicken coup
How to groom your beard
Wine Tasting

So whatever your passion is start thinking about ways to monetise it

2. Information products

Information products are how millions of people are getting started when they create their own business.  They are taking a topic they know a lot about and writing an ebook and selling that information.

Guaranteed that there are people willing to pay for the information that's inside your head right now.  Or even if it's not inside your head you can write an ebook on the topic that interests you, research it thoroughly and write an ebook.

Here's how crazy it can be.  one of my first successes when I was starting out was writing an ebook on how to get up early.  Can you believe it! I wrote an ebook entitled: How to Become an Advanced Early Riser and over the space of a few years it brought in $20,000.  Now if people are willing to pay for that kind of information think about what else they are willing to pay for.

Think about what you would be willing to pay for.  People don't want to have to trawl the net for info on something they want information nicely packaged and all in one place and if it's the right price then why now just buy an ebook for $27 instead of spending hours looking on the net.

It doesn't have to be an ebook, you can make videos, or record an audio product.

3. Have a funnel

When you create a business, particularly online, chances are that you have an upgrade that you can sell.  This doesn't just apply to the online world it applies to every business whether they be online or offline.

You see funnels every single day but probably haven't realised.

For example:

When you go to Macdonald's and ask for a cheeseburger, what happens? the teller asks, do you want fries with that, would you like a drink with that, would you like a large meal, would you like our special offer today.  That is the Macdonald's funnel:

Upsell to fries
Upsell to meal which includes a drink
Upsell to large meal
Upsell to special offer today

Macdonald's spends millions on advertising every year and they only break even when all their customers come in for a cheeseburger, but when you add in the upsells, this is where they make their money.

So you not only need to think about your product or service in terms of a one time offer, think about how you can make your offer an upsell to make it even better for the person buying your original product.

4. Delivering your product

When you have finished creating a product a lot of people then start to flounder as they don't know how to deliver it.  there are a lot of platforms and lots of technology things you have to learn: websites, payment providers, automated delivery, emails, and a host of other things.

The beauty of building an online business is that you can pay someone to do it for you and free yourself to make more products, reach more people, and do what you truly love doing.

5. Getting the message out there

This is another one that stops people from trying.  How to write a sales letter, how to market, how to advertise correctly whilst trying to get the right message to the right people.

All of this can be taught in easy steps to start with, and shouldn't stop you from going for it.

Of course there's a lot more information you can learn about this.  If you want to know more from someone who is making over $22 million per year using what I have mentioned above click on the image below, as he explains it much better and in much more details than I can and it's FREE:

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Passion to Profit

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