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Do What You Love Because Society Is A Hoax

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I made it.

A great job. A house. A car. A growing collection of clothing. A graduate school degree hanging on the wall. An obsession with finding the perfect blend of furniture and lighting that accentuated my modern yet minimalistic style. A yearly trip to some not too far semi tropical location.
But I felt the same. Exactly the same.

Isn't it funny how you change yet always feel the same.

Wasn't I supposed to feel somehow different ?

The more I thought about my life the more I realized I was in desperate need of a future. I craved the future. I had become conditioned to need it.

do_what_you_loveWhat was this angst that was building up inside me? One day it came to me.

I contributed nothing. My life was not defined by creating anything; rather just by working.

When you aren't creating anything you are left with an abundance of time. You have too much time and you need to find something to fill it.

My life became about finding something to do with that time rather than using it.

I chose work. Like most of us.

Most of us have not figured out what to with our time and are instead tricked into work we don't love.

We accept a job and become part of a system; a system of people working doing stuff they don't want to buy stuff they don't need.

When we aren't invested in passion we become invested in part of a machine.

So what is our reward for this trade?

A fancy car. A good dental plan. Great benefits.

This was my life, I had committed to it. Most of us are committed to working within the confines of a system, searching for some occasional inspiration or a way out. This may be why you are reading this.

If the monotony of work collapses time, creativity expands it.

I hope to not come off as another preaching the do what you love rhetoric, instead I urge you to create.

The act of creation is what makes humanity beautiful and inspires true passion.

I can't tell you what to create because that would make it worthless.

I have learned now that I must create my own life and journey, not just accept some preplanned destination.

Finding what it is you love to create is the only recipe for a life without desperate need of a future. An escape from a system whose only promised reward is a break from doing it (retirement).

We should all choose something bigger. What will be your legacy?

I choose to become a high school teacher.

What will you choose?

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