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The Deep Dark Sad Side of Keanu Reeves.

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For those who have watched and enjoyed The Matrix Movies, you know exactly who Keanu Reeves is. The mysterious, handsome and very unassuming actor of this fantastic sci-fi series. I don't know about you but sci fi movies are my favourite and I'm also a huge Keanu fan. He's a lay low kinda guy. Not to o much fuss wherever he goes. He's not plastered all over the tabloids like most stars are. I respect and admire him because of that. I've also always been very fascinated by him. What secrets lie behind that GQ face and acting portfolio?

The smut magazines have no problem smearing names each week. We know too much about those big names we see on the big screen or weekly on our favourite TV series. Then there are those that don't get tarnished by the tabloids.

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Keanu is one of them. Sure he's had his share. A story came and went. Brushed back under the rug, just like Keanu himself. So what more is there behind the man? The tragedies and the triumphs. The setbacks and the rises. I have it here but this is better than the tabloids. Why? Because I sincerely like and care about Keanu and am not using this to tarnish his name, but rather educate people on the man behind the dark sunglasses.

After you read below, it'll make a bit more sense to you as to why the actor infamous for his "unsmiling face" has a hard time smiling and in reality, despite his riches, has no real reason to smile after what he's been through.

  • Abandoned by his father at the age of 3. And while that may not seem like such a tragedy these days, 47 yrs. ago it was almost unheard of. He had little contact with him in the years to follow but moved by his mom a few times, Keanu eventually lost contact with his father altogether.
  • At the tender young age of 23, Keanu lost his best friend, River Phoenix, to a drug overdose. That's something you never get over. Period. They w ere rising stars, both incredibly talented and hopeful.
  • 1998 Keanu meets and falls in love with Jennifer Syme. 1999 she's pregnant with his child and 8 months later the baby is stillborn. The stress is t oo much for Jennifer to bear. She suffers postpartum depression and 18 months later, leaves Keanu.
  • 2001 his one true love is gone forever. Jennifer was killed instantly in a tragic car accident.
  • His sister Kim has been battling leukemia for the last 10 years.

It's hard to smile when everyone you truly loved has been taken away from you instantly and tragically . Even though Keanu isn't known for flashing a toothy grin to cameras he can definitely be credited to being quite the supporter, financially, to many great causes including the Sick Kids Foundation and a Cancer Program as well as donating to people he heard through the grapevine needed some financial assistance.

A generous and sad soul, Keanu battles his demons with grace and continues to push forward. He says that it's important to be kind to yourself but to others too.   For him, being a philanthropist is where he finds immense joy and love. It's the one thing that brings him eternal happiness.

His second love? Acting, which some may argue isn't the greatest, but it's good enough for some film directors obviously.

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