6 Reasons You don't develop skills and Miss on the Returns

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Life fluctuates between boredom and anxiety, but most of the time we stay in our comfort zone.

Agree to disagree with the above statement.

How many times you begin doing something and when it becomes harder you get back into your comfort zone?

You may think that it makes no sense putting in the hard work without moving up on the career ladder. What's the point learning communication and sales skills, or building relationships and social skills if you don't get a real outcome from all your efforts? The efforts are too big and you might not get to the final destination.

The point is to develop the skills that allow you to perform well for any of your own purposes. But, acquiring skills isn't always exciting or super stimulating task because of the below reasons.

five_skills_that_can_significantly_improve_your_social_life1. It takes time

Doing the right thing takes longer than doing the wrong thing.

You know how horrible it feels when you are doing something for the first time. Normally you are very bad because you are not skilled at it. You'd rather quit than feeling that disturbing angst. That's what most of us do.

Building skills requires being persistent and practicing in an intelligent way, and that takes time.

2. It's boring

When you begin something that seems very promising it makes you feel excited. As things become easier things change and your excitement turns into life sucking boredom. That's the main reason why people quit leaving their projects unfinished.

3. It requires discipline

Reading business magazines or listening to successful business owner's advices will show you the direction to move, but many people will stay here in the learning process for too long here rather than rolling up your sleeves and to the hard work.

Your success directly depends on making the required number of calls, or speaking in front of as many people as possible to fill the top sales funnel. It takes guts to do that, and guts require discipline. Not knowledge.

Make decisions. Take action until you execute your game plan regardless of the discomfort and obstacles that may come on your way.

Note: Being disciplined doesn't mean living a limiting and restrictive life. It means cultivating the mindset where you are motivated by your own choice rather than by your emotions, bad habits, or the sway of others.

4. It requires change

Let's say you love spending your time on a couch eating the next packet of delicious potato chips and reading a health and fitness magazine about tips on how to become fit. Assuming that you want to have a sexy body chances are this is not going to happen soon. Your mindset and actions are moving into different directions.

You have better chances if you adapt your lifestyle to exercising, eating healthier, and giving your body enough time to rest by going to sleep earlier. This lifestyle supports your desire to become fitter. However, this is still not going to happen. And you know why?
Because you love sitting on the couch eating those beacon flavored potato chips.

5. It requires patience

One of my goals is to develop my writing skills. I read and write as far as possible, but writing well doesn't come overnight. I clearly understand that, but my patience is at limits. A couple of times I decided to give up and do something more interesting.

If your patience runs out faster than a match burns out you'll have a hard time developing skills.

Note: Obviously I don't hold the crown in writing, but there is a big difference between how I was writing a year ago and how I am writing today. With patience I kept writing and proved to myself that I'm on the right way doing the right thing.

6. It requires earning trust

There is a popular belief that having a lot of friends you can ask them to promote your services for you. Your friends would be happy to tell their friends about you if they would have to benefit from it.

If your mother and sister say they like what you do that doesn't mean the world will give you the same attention. Your mother and sister love you no matter what, but for the rest you need to earn their trust.

Until anybody believes in your craft very few people will pay attention to what you do.

Each of the above mentioned elements are a serious test in the process of skill development. If you are looking for easier short-term goals than shortcuts may be an option for you, but if you want to collect the fruits of your efforts your entire life you need to become a master of your craft.

The bonuses

Developing skills is like building athletic abilities. It's hard. It takes time. It requires discipline.

When an athlete seeks to become a champion he must improve his speed, build muscles, and shape his technique. It requires going through exactly the same of the above phases.

The beautiful part about developing skills to achieve a certain goal is that the athlete improves his confidence, becomes healthier, feels better, and looks better than his peers. These bonuses come regardless of the fact if the athlete becomes a champion or not.

You get the recognition. You get the proof that you didn't spend your time in vain.

The final goal is not the journey. It's the destination.

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