5 Reasons Why You Need More Of This Powerhouse Root (Turmeric)

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Can you handle another article with claims of another super root that will cure all and bring you the healthiest life ever? Even if I tell you this one root will have your skin the most beautiful it has ever been. Ever. Even if I tell you that this one root has all the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients you will ever need. Ever. But wait! There's more. This root is great for skin, pain and overall wellbeing.

Ready to hear more about it now and find out why you should include it in your diet every day? Before I tell you about how wonderful turmeric is for you this herb does come with a forewarning. It's spicy. It's a member of the ginger family and gives most Indian dishes their unique flavour. If you're not into spicy this herb may be hard to swallow, pardon the pun. If you can get past the taste, which some may absolute love, then you should enjoy this herb and reap the benefits of it .

turmericIt also has side effects that you should be warned of.

Stomach problems: it may aggravate gastric reflux or not mix well with antacids you may be taking.

Pregnancy: avoid it as it may stimulate the uterus too much.

Diabetes: because it does lower blood sugar, it may lower it too much if you are taking medications for your diabetes, resulting in hypoglycemia. With anything, always consult your doctor before you try something new.

1. Glowing skin and anti-aging.

Turmeric is a powerhouse herb for skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, age spots and any other ailment. Turmeric can be made into a mask or a face wash/scrub to treat any skin conditions. The internet is a wealth of information on recipes and tips on how to use it and how to make potions. I found <a href=" to -use- benefits/">this article</a> had great instructions on how to use turmeric best for skin.

2. Alleviate arthritis and pain.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is a powerhouse herb to take for pain and arthritis. It contains 6 different COX-2 Inhibitors (block the enzyme that causes pain) and has proven to outperform most over the counter drugs sold at stores and pharmacies.   Doctors recommend a daily dose of no more than 2000 mg a day. Careful of side effects and talk to your doctor first.

3. Alzheimer's protection.

According to studies, the elderly population in India, where turmeric is consumed daily, have very low reports of neurological disorders.   It also helps to clear the plaque buildup which is the main characteristic of the disease. The curcumin boosts the immune system activity which in turn clears the plaque away.

4. Overall digestion and stomach health.

Turmeric is great for all general stomach ailments including flatulence, nausea, indigestion, bloating and more. As it is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, it can certainly aid in the overall treatment of any tummy aches. Keep in mind that turmeric is of the ginger family and ginger has long been known for its treatment in stomach ailments.

5. Heart attacks and strokes.

Turmeric is being known to reduce these because of its effect on cholesterol and lowering it. It also has shown to prevent the buildup of bad cholesterol which in turn can lead to heart attack and strokes and high blood pressure.

While not everyone may appreciate the spiciness of turmeric or curcumin, it also comes in pill form making it easier to ingest. Pastes and other potions are the best ways to use turmeric to treat any or all skin conditions.   Like any other super claim to fame herb or root, do your research to see if it is safe for you to take turmeric. What is great for some may be potentially dangerous for others. If you can't take it for pain and stomach issues, it's possible you still may be able to use it topically for your hair, skin or nails. Either way, turmeric is the powerhouse root of the year and worth looking into.

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