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8 Things You Must Give Up Right Now To Be Happier In Life

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Say what? Give up things for happiness? But it's all the things we have that make us happy, isn't it? Isn't that how life works? The more things we have, the happier we get? Well, no not really, mind you for some people, material things bring more happiness albeit, temporary, but that's another blog. Besides we're not talking about stuff here. Not the big screen TV, or the latest electronic upgrade. Nope we're talking about the emotional things. The things we think and do that rob of us our happiness. Like these things:

1. Judging others.

Don't do that. And I don't care who you are, every time you judge someone, when it's all said and done, don't even try to tell me you don't feel the least bit guilty or bad for doing so. I know you do. You're human. Judging others shows our weakness and our own insecurities about ourselves. Besides, judging others is really just not cool. We're not perfect, not any of us, neither are you. As you would not like to be judged, neither would your co-worker. So stop doing it.

2. Worrying about the future.

That's just plain and simply an entire waste of energy. You don't even know what's going to happen in an hour from now let alone a week or a month. Why worry about it? In the blink of an eye, in an instant, in the sound of a phone call, your whole life can turn around so do yourself a favour, stop worrying about tomorrow and let's just get through right now. This moment.

3. You will not please everyone, so don't bother trying.

People are hard to please sometimes. And these same people can't even please themselves so how on earth do you think you're going to succeed. Some people are just miserable and or cranky and no matter how hard you try, you won't please them. How about just pleasing yourself instead and let them take care of themselves.

4. Holding grudges.

Get rid of them. Right now. They don't serve any body. A grudge is pent up negative energy that just stews and boils inside of you until it festers and starts eating away at you. How does that even sound like anything happy or positive? Just say no to grudges. Kiss and make up or let it go. Whatever you have to do, do it.

5. Give up lying.

Yes you heard me. Remember when your mother told you honesty is the best policy? It's not only the best policy but it truly is the easiest and happiest way to get through life. Why lie about something silly, and why lie anyway? Lying causes so much damage it's almost mind blowing.   In the instant when you just said a lie, you suddenly feel anxiety (oh yes you do) and you have to carry that lie around with you for the rest of you r life. How exhausting. Don't lie.

6. Step away from your comfort zone.

We're zombies. We do the same thing, day in and day out. Nothing changes. Work, life, kids, rinse and repeat. It's time to shake that up a bit, wouldn't you agree? Get out and do something you've always wanted to do but were just too afraid to do it. Be brave for a change. The worst thing that can happen is you'll have fun. Go live life, try new things, and step out of your box. It's time.

7. Eat your frog aka procrastination.

Do that one thing you have been meaning to do for forever but keep procrastinating about it. Whether it be clean out the garage, or go visit your grandmother in the nursing home. Pick that one or two things that you have been putting off and go do them. Eat your frog.   The longer you put it off for the longer it sits like a monkey on your back. It will gnaw and poke at you daily. Do yourself a favour, do it and be done with it.

8. Worrying about what others think of you.

This is the biggest waste of time ever. Who cares what they think of you? How is their opinion of you the be all to end all of opinions? And who are they anyway? Why should it matter? What do YOU think of you? That's all you should be caring about. Are you or do you think you are a good person? Stop worrying about what others think. They probably don't even think about you at all.

Work on giving up some of these things and watch how quickly your life improves. Don't believe me? Try it.

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