5 Myths That Can Kill Even the Strongest Relationship

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When it comes to building good relationship, there are a lot of myths about it than can often kill even the strongest relationships and therefore, one must never ignore these common beliefs. If you are in a good relationship for a long time but now you feel something is not good about it, you should not think it as the circle of routine life but there might be actually something which can destroy your peaceful life so you better know all such factors and eliminate them as soon as possible. Some of the most common relationship myths are discussed below which might help you save happiness of your life.

5_myths_that_will_killMyth 1: Good Relationship Needs No More Work

When you first get involved in a relationship, you feel like everything is going so well and you don't really need to work on it at all but this is a complete myth because it has been seen a number of times that even the strongest relationship can come to an end only because of not working on it. There are signs that let you know about true meaning of your relationship with someone very special and if you often feel unhappy about things occurring in your life, you really need to focus on loose ends. New generation is especially not prepared to face real life challenges and ultimately destroy the peace of their lives.

What to Do Now? You must never be hunted by the myth that nothing can break the bond between you and your lover. Hence, you should always work out complications as soon as possible.

Myth 2: I Don't Have to Tell My Partner What I Want.

If you think because your partner love you, he/she must know what you want and what are your needs, you are going to lead your life towards a big trouble. Because there are a lot of things in life and you can't notice everything and now if your partner fails to understand you or your needs, it does not mean he/she does not love you. Especially young girls believe that their partners can read their minds. Well, they might be right sometimes but they can't always be 100% right and therefore, you must tell them to avoid misunderstandings.

What to Do Now? In fact, it is your responsibility to let him/her know what you actually want from them. This will not just help him/her understand you in a much better way but will also help in building even stronger relationship.

Myth 3: In True Relationship, Passion Can Never Go Away

Most of the people believe that the passion and love in true relationship can never go away and if you feel it is fading, this is the sign that your relationship is not right. In reality this thinking is absolutely wrong because passion goes away in every type of relationship and it is not just about lovers but in other relations, the same thing also occurs naturally. Therefore, when you feel less passion, this is not the fault of relationship but you are actually missing something that you need to do.

What to Do Now?
You just need to do a little more planning for playfulness and your faded passion will come back in your life. Passionate sex, playfulness, adventure, explorations and other similar activities can boost your passion again.

Myth 4: My Partner Must Change to Protect Our Relationship

Most of us are expert in playing blame game with our partners rather than thinking how we can ourselves become a better partner. We think if there is a need to improve our relationship, other partner must be ready to make changes in his/her lifestyle, behavior and attitude or else the relationship can't go longer. This is the worst myth that has destroyed the lives of thousands of people because nobody is ready to take the responsibility to play his/her part in developing the feelings like respect, tolerance, sacrifice and selflessness.

What to Do Now? If you focus on making changes in your own behavior rather than demanding other to be better, the chances of your successful relationship will be much higher than ever before.

Myth 5: Having a Child Can Save Faded Relationship

A family can't be completed without children and that is absolutely right but when you want to have children only to strength your marriage or relationship, this is not going to work at all and in fact, this will increase trouble in your life. When you want to complete your life, that's great, talk to your partner about it but keep in mind that having children will increase burden on your shoulder and if you are not ready to take more responsibilities, you better drop this idea.

What to Do Now?
Most of the happy couples love to have children but if you are not happy with your relationship, you need to work out on it first before you decide to bring a new member in your small family.

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