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4 Stages Of A Proper Funnel

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If your coaching business is online, there's no doubt you've run into funnels (either found yourself in one or have attempted to create a funnel yourself).  Is this you?

The online industry, especially with the onset of online education courses (a $100 billion+ industry and GROWING according to Forbes), funnels are something to take seriously, but more important, with a realistic and authentic approach to them. Otherwise, you're wasting your time.

The online world has leveled up and people's BS radar is ALWAYS ON.  Yours is, isn't it?  Same is true for those who are searching the coaches and programs online.  The BS radar is on high alert all the way around!!  🙂

Therefore, STOP trying to match a sleazy "you can make millions by converting with my (fill in the blank) system" with your own service.  Are the $$millions why you started a coaching business? If it is…stop reading now—save your time—I'm not for you.

If, however, you're here to serve others, please KEEP reading.  You can serve people, first AND grow a profitable business. Yes…even earn millions.  But the millions is not the primary incentive here.  The income is the surplus because of work well done.

What exactly is a funnel?

A funnel (also known as a sales funnel or revenue funnel) refers to the online buying process a business leads prospects through, leading to a purchase of your product or service.  Anyone out there on the web who is not your client is a prospect.  A funnel is broken down into several steps or phases.

Popular programs used by me and several Your Digital Formula members to build funnels step-by-step include: Kajabi and ClickFunnels.  They're fairly easy to use with great support.  For coaches, building a heart centered business, a funnel is an excellent way to share your work.  Before you start building though, it's essential to keep the people you intend to serve, in mind, first.

Funnel creation from marketers who are after the cash because it's a $100 billion+ industry aren't necessarily the people to take direction from (in my personal opinion).  I'm not saying it's bad or wrong.  In fact, it may be the right match for some…just not for all.

For me, it's off and away from the right people you want to attract into your funnel—leading you away from ideal prospects and sales and toward more debt with all you've invested in "the programs" promising you millions if you follow their system.

No.  I'm over it…and I hope you are, too.  You're a coach and you've answered a calling to be of service.  This is being a heart centered entrepreneur and building a great funnel is possible when you provide care and value in every stage of your funnel.

4 Stages of a Basic Funnel


Prospects are introduced to you.  You've identified a particular problem or frustration and you're providing your solutions by way of a content, products, and/or service.  Once you've identified a particular problem or frustration, the process of awareness comes through visibility in places like Facebook (social media), ads, google searches.  To get people to the awareness stage you must generate and drive traffic to this first stage of your funnel.

In some cases, awareness let’s prospect be aware of a solution he didn’t even know he needed until you presented the problem (and your solutions).

Figure out what challenges, fears, or frustrations your ideal prospect may have and offer the solutions. A proper funnel won't skip this stage.

Your funnel brings the information to your ideal market (that means that it’s not for everyone)…so know exactly who you’re speaking to when you're building the awareness stage.

Common ways Your Digital Formula Members start this stage include consistent delivery of quality and valuable content or education by way of blogs and Facebook LIVE shows that include links to lead magnets like free ebooks, free MP3s, or a free video series.  Lead magnets help you build your email list (prospects provide you an email for the lead magnet you're offering).

Don't be afraid to go DEEPER into the subject matter at this stage.  Share your content but also share your passion for it, too.  When your own energy, expertise, and passion align here, you'll stand a much better chance at attracting and pulling the right prospect into your funnel and move them with more ease and grace with each stage.


After you've created quality information in the awareness stage, you'll find those who are even more interested and then they become prospects that are ACTIVE.  They return and voluntarily choose YOU to continue to learn from. 

These active prospects are actively reading your content (and look to you as the expert that you are). Please remember that CONSISTENCY and flow of information (content) from you is important for your funnel to succeed. Staying in front of active prospects to keep them continuously AWARE and ACTIVE builds on your own KLT (Know, Like, Trust) factor. Without consistency, prospects will forget about you.

These ACTIVE prospects will follow you on social media and stay engaged with your quality and consistent flow of information and education.  Webinars are an excellent way to follow up with active prospects to continue to actively teach and engage with them leading them into Stage 3: Decision.

Stage 3:  DECISION

At this stage, active prospects are deciding whether or not to take advantage of your solution (your product or service).

The active prospect is paying CLOSE attention to the details of your solution (what you’re offering: programs, bonuses, refund policies, guarantees, etc…).  
At this stage, the sales offer is being presented to active prospects.

Stage 4:  ACTION

This is the active prospects final stage and is either becoming a customer or client of yours (or not).  This is when contracts are signed and term and conditions are agreed upon.  Money is exchanged and you have a new customer or client.

A couple of things to note here.  If a clients action means they DO NOT take you up on the offer, this is not necessarily the end of your funnel.  In fact, it may be an invitation to continue the dialogue with them.  

There is still a huge opportunity to learn from those who DID NOT take action.  Why didn't they act on it? What's missing?  Is it worth a personal email from you to them?  A phone call perhaps?  You may find what you learn will only help you build a stronger funnel with the pieces of information you may have forgotten to include.  You may also find that by reaching out more personally, you'll have a new client, too.  

ALWAYS be willing to adjust your funnel from the information you've gathered from your results. 

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