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7 Toxic Sources of Chaos You need to Eliminate from Your Life

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You need it, don't you?

Having peace and control in your life, that is.

You wish there were not ups and downs, no sudden crises in your life.

You wish you didn't have to experience lack, emergencies, and chaos.

Yes, you understand that no life is free from trouble. You understand that no one can predict all problems and stop them before they happen. Some situations are plain out of your control.

But if there was a way to shrink the amount of chaos in your life, you would want to know it, right?

You can proactively weed out the chaotic sources in your life and start experiencing a much needed peace. Check out these chaos triggers and see if you can eliminate some of them from your life.

1. You are too generous

When you are constantly saying yes to friends, family or your boss, chances are you'll have no time for yourself. If you are always eager to help those around you, you are at risk of finding yourself with neither time to do what you need nor time to do what you signed up for. You'll feel the pressure that comes with too many obligations. Stress and chaos will slip in when you overcommit yourself and are too generous. It's okay to say no.

2. You have spectacular goals

You need to have goals in life. But if your goals are unattainable, you'll soon feel overwhelmed, discouraged and stressed. And when you are stressed your life is only one step away from being out of control.

For example, if you never exercise and you suddenly decide to sign up for a marathon two months from now you just created unnecessary stress in your life. You'll try to cram too much exercise in a very short time and won't be able to get fit enough for the challenge. A few weeks into it you'll start to feel pressure and stress; and you'll quit. Keep your goals challenging but within reach to avoid stress.

3. You are surrounded by a hazardous environment

Are you living or working in a cluttered place? If your home or your workspace are a constant mess, you'll feel out of control.

Do you have piles of unopened mail around your kitchen? When your mail is not organized your mind will start to wonder if inside one of those envelopes is an unpaid bill racking up interest as you sleep.

Clutter is a source of stress and chaos in your life. Work to eliminate it and you'll have a more peaceful existence.

4. You have soaring standards

If you are a perfectionist, you are adding unnecessary stress to your life. In an effort to have one area of your life under control and perfect, inevitably you'll neglect other areas. You may be meticulous about house cleaning, but that will leave you no time to exercise and your health will suffer.

Slightly compromising your standards to accommodate the reality of your life and your limited time will leave you feeling less out of control. Striking a balance is always a hard thing to do but it's well worth it.

5. You bought into the being busy lie

Are you constantly telling your friends how busy you are? Do you find yourself with no time to do the things you love? Or you never seem to reach the end of your to-do list?

You are not alone. Being busy seems to be an epidemic nowadays. We have too much to do and not enough time to do it. We don't have time to relax, we are stressed and peaceful days seem to be a thing of the past. To keep the chaos in your life at bay work to prioritize your activities and set aside time to relax.

6. You aren't looking ahead

It's impossible to plan for every problem that can happen but you can have a plan in case a few highly likely complications arise.

If you drive an old car and you don't have an emergency fund you could be in a lot of trouble if without warning the clutch fails and you have to take the car to the garage. Suddenly this expense will throw your finances into chaos and you'll be praying for the next paycheck to fill up your bank account.

Find the few problems in your life that are likely to happen that would create huge chaos. Have a contingency plan to deal with them. You'll gain much peace of mind.

7. You spend too much time with toxic people

The negative people around you can suck your energy. Their lives always seem to be plagued with complications and, as you may suspect, they attract problems like honey attracts flies.

These personalities can never be counted on but to bring gloom and stress into your life. Negativity is contagious and once you start to see things through a dark lens it's only a matter of time till problems arise.

Keep interactions with toxic people as positive as you can and refuse to become the person they go when they want to vent.

You can choose to identify and eliminate chaos sources in your life.

You'll gain control and start living more peaceful days.

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