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3 Unique Gratitude Traits of The Heart Centered Entrepreneur

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There’s a momentum that carries the heart centered entrepreneurs for the long hall simply because of their natural and unique gratitude traits practiced every day. However, statistics in Bloomberg say an average of 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail after only 18 months. Statistics like that can quickly discourage your average entrepreneur… but not the heart centered entrepreneur. 

Yes, gratitude alone is not the only success trait, but it is a quality that sets them apart.

The heart centered entrepreneur's gratitude traits are (in my opinion) the quality that sets them up for long-term success.

Don’t believe me? Just observe them. You’ll see and experience the heart centered entrepreneur exhibit gratitude innately.

Heart-centered entrepreneurs express gratitude in every way. Their very essence is what makes them successful in business (and in life). The three qualities below will remind you of entrepreneurs you may know. These traits are also traits all of us can also continuously improve.

1. They’re grateful to be of service

This is more than a, “thank you.” Heart-centered entrepreneurs show gratitude genuinely because they truly reflect the joy in having been able to provide a service for you that helped and supported you in some way. You can feel it. You may find that these entrepreneurs are happier to have been able to provide you the results you were looking for (and experience results themselves) for the services they provided.

2. They’re grateful to be living purposeful lives

Heart centered entrepreneurs who knowingly answered their calling are so tuned in to who they are—and how they can serve—that they’re simply grateful to be fulfilling their life purpose. The money that follows is the confirmation (the result) of work well done. That being said, there’s no heavy pitch or pressure sales to get more out of you.

These heart centered entrepreneurs have an unspoken trust that business and sales will come their way because of work well done. Yes, marketing and strategy is included and a must (they run a business, after all). However, if they lose out on a business deal or client…they trust that more will come as it’s supposed to and let go of what wasn’t meant to be.  This grateful heart centered entrepreneur reflects authenticity in the truest sense and more and more are making their way into the online world.  This is a very good thing!

3. Their gratitude keeps them dialed into abundance

When the heart-centered entrepreneur profits…they almost immediately recognize how they’re able to give back even more because they’ve been bestowed with the ability to do so. They’re grateful for the opportunity to think bigger, to be more creative, and to be able to serve more people.

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.
Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’?" —Brian Tracy

Gratitude is an excellent component to building a strong foundation from which to grow any business. When you dial into your own gratitude channel and really recognize how it feels for you…then you’ll also tune into the joy of what you’re here to do. They’ll be no other choice for you other than to follow where you can get more of “that feeling” and you’ll soon be so grateful to discover that it’s found in serving others.


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