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Be More Than A Diamond, Be A Human – Tap Into Your Unlimited Power Of Creation

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While I'm all for sayings and metal frameworks that motivate, empower, and give others strength to keep going especially when it's tough, I'm against some of those empowering sayings too out of context that end up hurting us.

You're not a diamond!   You're a human being. I've seen people get into, and let themselves into, a stressful and toxic environment/situation that is just toxic. They stay in it and say to themselves, "˜A diamond is formed through extreme pressure. I'm becoming a diamond.'   That thought enables the toxicity to continue and devalue them to a pile of worthless rock that's "under extreme pressure"

Stress is necessary to grow, yes, but too much stress kills you. It's been proven to be tracked to future diseases and aging.

If you're so stressed that you're snapping at people, unhappy about life, they are symptoms. Listen to the symptoms and fix the problem. Do not dismiss the war inside you. Your emotions are part of being human and they are there for a reason. If you were to ignore the pain in an arm, you might dismiss a problem that can get worse and worse to the point that you can't reverse it. In extreme cases and situations, you may lose the arm.

So is the same with ignoring stress level and our emotions. Any "negative" emotion that you're experiencing is a side effect of something else going on in your life. It's a symptom. It's not a cause, it's an effect. Diagnose the cause and treat it so you can actually improve and relieve the symptoms.

Know Yourself

If you're strolling along supper comfortable, you're too relax. Work harder. No one knows exactly what is the balance for you between too relaxed and comfortable and way too stressed. Find it yourself. Do not submit to unhealthy levels of stress because you're a pile of rock that's becoming a diamond. You're not a rock or a diamond; you're human and all it entails. Humans, as the old book of wisdom states, were the only creatures to be made in God's image. With that, came the incredible powers of creation that only humans have.

We wanted to fly, so we created airplanes, We wanted to see the vast oceans, so we created boats and submarines. We wanted to see space, so we created rockets. This is the unlimited power of creation that was bestowed upon us. We can even, if we allow it, clone humans and will inevitably one day create a whole new race (AI – Artificial intelligence). It is the power of creation, the power of a God, bestowed upon us to give us the ability to create the life we desire.

Embrace Your Humanity And It's Power

Stop trying to be a precious little diamond that people buy and trade around with no control of itself. Be a freaking human, embrace everything that entails – all it's power and weaknesses – and take control back of your life. Envision the life you want, set some goals, then tap into your inner God (your power of creation) to make a plan to make those goals a reality. Make it happen; I believe in you. I know you can because you're human. You have in you the unlimited power of creation bestowed upon you. Use it to create the life of your dreams. It will take work, it will take overcoming obstacles, it will take some stress, it will take some pain, but you can do it.

As long as you take control back of your situation, your environment, and yourself. I believe in you; make it happen 🙂

I'll help you out with some quick tips that I've learned from the most productive and successful people I've met, self-made millionaires, and they learned it from their mentors – even yet smarter people. You can start today to empower yourself by first figuring out what it truly is that you want. Not what sounds good to say, what sounds good to others, but what's really in your heart about the life that will put that spark in your eyes.

Sit down envision that life and write it down. I personally used the method highlighted in the Think And Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hills of sitting down in a dark room to figure myself out, envision the life I want, my goals, and overcome any obstacles that show up.

Constructing The Vision

After you have that vision, those goals that you want to accomplish, and the things you would like to have in your life, start looking for "role models." Chances are that whatever you want to do, someone else has done it or done something similar. This is person, or group, that you seek out to learn from. You can reverse engineer your way back from where they are to where you are so that you can make a plan to get there. You can seek them out to speak with them honestly about their story or you can do an article on them or a podcast. Sometimes they have books out that you can read. Find as much as you can and don't be surprise how effective an honest letter or social media approach can work (don't beg or be desperate but show your passion.) The two main thing that stop people is the lack of belief that they can achieve the vision and the lack of ability to come up with a plan to achieve said vision.

This helps accomplish both. Once you know it's possible and you have broken down the visions into smaller goals with a plan to accomplish each of them, the last piece of the puzzle is merely taking action so that you can put that power of creation into full effect to create the life of your dreams.

Daily Routines And Ritual

We're going to take it a step further and help you tap into your greatness more since we really do care about you here at Change Your Thoughts, Change Your LIfe. Break the goals into daily actions. A routine is very important because it empowers you back. Amiss everything that you need to do, everything that everyone else wants you to do, you can prioritize the things that are actually important –   the things that actually get you close to your goals – and make sure they are done.

After all, we are creature of habits and routines and when we don't have one, that becomes the habit and routine for us. But that puts us at the mercy of everyone else's agenda and goals THEY want accomplished.. With this, you have a routine that you can do everyday to empower yourself and take control back. You can adapt things to work better for you. We're all different so we have to try different things and experiment what works best for us.

The first thing I've learned to do is to wake up then immediately work into taking control of my state. Whatever happened before it's non-important. No matter if I'm tired, groggy, moody, I wake up and MAKE the decision that it will be a good day.

I start by writing a few things in my life that I'm grateful for. Then I choose one empowering belief about me and my life (or current situation), and then I choose the story in my head to be a positive one. Finally, I pull my notebook out and work on my strategy for the day. I usually plan the night before for today. This makes me more effective and I never go to sleep without a request to my subconscious whether it is a current obstacle to overcome or whether it is about tomorrow's strategy.

I work on the outlined strategy and start implementing right away. I make sure in my strategy I have the most important things that if they were done, everything else would either be irrelevant or easier to do while I'm moving forward in my goals.

The whole equation goes like this: wake up + then change mental state + change mental dialogue + then work on strategy for the day. Some days I have used music to "hype" me up and change my state (music has proven to me to be one of the quickest ways to change my mental state) before I do my daily gratitude which I do in the mornings and before going to sleep. There you have it. A quick routine to get you started and help you empower yourself to MAKE it a great day.

Don't be a precious little diamond, be a human and tap into that power inside you to create the life YOU want.

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