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5 Paralyzing Phrases You Need To Remove From Your Vocabulary Immediately

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This isn't going to be a George Carlin blog. It's not about foul language. Many of us drop F bombs like chipmunks drop peanut shells. We're not talking about that kind of stuff. We're talking about bigger and much more damaging things than that. We're talking about the phrases that paralyze us and keep us thinking we're good for nothing. Those ones. Not just us but others too. (that's sort of like gossiping right?)

Self talk is a pretty important part of our daily vocabulary but how of ten do you actually listen and pay attention to the things you are telling yourself. The more we use derogatory comments about ourselves, or others, the more we believe them. These are not good beliefs to have, especially since we all want to be great, not feel like total failures all the time.

paralyzing_phrasesHere are my top 5 paralyzing phrases that I am telling you right now, you need to drop asap.

1. I'm so stupid.

If you find yourself saying this a lot, stop right now. You are not stupid. Maybe there is something you just haven't learned how to do yet or maybe there is something you don't quite understand or maybe you just fluffed up a bit. None of that makes you stupid. At all. If you say this to yourself all the time you are eventually going to believe it. You will refrain from accepting challenges or learning new things because you won't think you can handle it. You are not stupid, you are simply learning and growing.

2. I can't do that, it's too hard.

It probably is too hard but if there is someone else in the world who has already done it, then it's been proven that anyone can do it. You can do anything you want. Any time. Do not ever tell yourself you can't do something because you are setting yourself up for never wanting to try anything new because you already have convinced yourself that you can't. Before you say I can't, say I'll try. And then watch what happens.

3. I hate myself.

Never never never never say this. This is the worst form of self degradation ever. You may have made a mistake or slipped up or something didn't go right but don't tell yourself you hate yourself because of it. You don't hate you, you hate the situation that led to a less than desirable result. The more you say you hate yourself the lower your self-worth will fall and the less self-love you will have for yourself. When this happens you will attract people to you who will treat you as such and never respect you. Remember it's not you that you hate, it's the thing.

4. I'm so ugly, fat, skinny, wrinkly, pimply, etc.

Never put down your appearance or criticize the way you look. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. We all are. No matter how fat or skinny or wrinkly or anything else we think we are. If there is something about your appearance that can be helped through your diet or lifestyle habits, then make the effort to change them. This will only help with your self-esteem. Remember you are perfect just the way you are. The more you tell yourself you are ugly, the uglier you will feel and your self esteem will go right out the window. You are beautiful. Period.

5. I hate my life.

Keep saying that and the universe will bring you more things to hate about your life. It will be a vicious cycle. You don't hate your life, you may just not like some things that are in your life right now. Anything you don't like can be either helped, improved or eliminated. If there is something that is keeping you from a happy life, then have a look at what it is and make the effort to change it. It's your life. You have control. If you don't have control over your life, then you may have a larger problem. Look at all the good things you have in your life and embrace those before you go off saying you hate your life.

This is the only life you have and you are in control of your life. It's up to you to make it beautiful and full of love or live in a constant state of negativity and be sad all the time. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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