8 Signs You Might Have Been Contacted By a Deceased Loved One

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Losing someone very close to you is extremely difficult, whether they were taken away tragically or through a lengthy illness. Loss is hard no matter how you look at it. Hours, days, weeks, months and years after they pass, we still so desperately wish we could hold them one more time, see them, wrap our arms around them, whisper I Love You in their ear.

For many people, however, there are many serendipitous events that occur that give them signs of their deceased loved ones. You may have even experienced some of these events and didn't know they were signs from your loved ones. Here are a few signs though I'm sure there are quite literally dozens or maybe even hundreds more different signs. You can share yours with the other readers at the bottom of the article. We'd love to hear yours.

sign_deceased1. Smelling their smell.

Whether it be their cologne, perfume, after shave or hairspray. You know that smell very well and every now and then you get a whiff of it and it is pure heaven. Total bliss. It takes you back to them getting ready in the bathroom for work or before you two are heading out somewhere. The memories it brings with it are beautiful.

2. In your sleep.

While you're dreaming, quite often you will dream of them which is totally normal but every now and then you will have what they call a spirit dream which means you can really feel them and their presence and if you listen closely, there is a message for you. This dream won't be like the other dreams you have of them, this one is very clear and powerful.

3. Watch for the signs.

They can come in any shape or form, be it a stranger that touches you, or coming across a pen that dad used to use all the time. It could be as clear as a gemstone that your mother used to wear around her neck. Anything like that, that appears out of the clear blue sky, which holds great meaning to your loved ones, is a sign.

4. What was that?

It could have been a strange noise, something moving in the other room, a song that comes on for no reason, an animal that keeps coming around the house or anything that is absolutely completely out of the norm, is definitely a clear sign of your loved one. They are there with you.

5. You heard their voice.

Without a doubt, you know that was them. You heard it loud and clear. It was soft and loving but it had a message. Did you pay attention to the message? Did you hear it? Deceased loved ones coming through in spirit with voices heard is actually very common. And beautiful.

6. Something just touched you.

You felt that brush on your shoulder. It totally freaked you out. You touched your shoulder to make sure it wasn't a spider or any other critter. You realize there is nothing there. No critter. But you felt it. Or a gentle touch on your cheek. Almost like someone kissing you. That was them.

7. Recognizing something of theirs.

It could be you are walking down the street and someone is wearing the coat they wore all the time or a dress that they used to wear on special occasions. Perhaps it is in the form of jewellery or shoes. If you happen to see this often, this is a clear sign from them.

8. Electricity malfunctions.

Or just flickering and doing silly crazy things. For no reason. This has been reported by many who have lost loved ones as the number one way their loved ones has contacted them. Lights can go off and on even though the weather is fine outside. Radios will start playing, any kind of activity that would clearly need a human touch to activate.

If you have been blessed to experience any of these things, you are being touched by your loved one. What are your experiences?

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