20 Rituals That Make Relationships Last a Lifetime

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I have always loved reading the stories about Mr. and Mrs. Brown and how their marriage has lasted 65 years and all the things they did in order to have this matrimonial longevity. It never ceases to amaze me in this day and age of divorce and bitter break ups that people still hold their "Till death do us part" vows sacred.

I love this and I am hopeful that my marriage with my beautiful wife can be one of those heartwarming love stories. So how do these people do it? What's their secret? I've surfed the web for many stories like these and have compiled a nice list for you. I imagine if these rituals worked for these lovely couples they sure can work for us too, right?

1. Show respect. This was pretty much number one across the board or in the top 5 anyway. Respect goes a long long way and not enough people know what that means, how to show it, give it or earn it.

2. Laughter. Share laughs even when you want to scream or cry. Laughing is always way more fun to share.

3. Always support each other, no matter what. You have to give each other support and it should never matter what it is for. A new job, a new project, a new adventure. It just doesn't matter.

4. Give each other lots of room. No suffocation allowed here ever. You need to maintain your independence and freedom. Don't smother and don't question like they are on trial.

5. Trust. Which ties into #4. When you trust your partner, you don't have to put them on the stand when they go out and come back later than they should have. And trust is earned and shared.

6. Compromise. Always. You don't always have to have your own way. When you reach a compromise it shows you respect each other enough to want happiness in the long run for the situation at hand.

7. Never go to bed angry. Ever ever never. That's an age old rule that should be followed to a T. Going to bed angry is just silly anyway. Who gets any sleep that way?

8. Forgive and forget. Neither one of you is perfect. Make a mistake, forgive it and move on.

9. Leave the past in the past. Do not ever bring up past mistakes. Ever. You've dealt with it, you've forgiven. Move on.

10. Always give compliments. Never stop doing this. Even a small compliment has a big impact. Keep doing this.

11. Don't try to change each other. You married each other for who you were. Why do you feel the need to change a person? Don't even bother trying. People change when they want to change not because someone says they have to.

12. Show appreciation and gratitude daily for little things. Always say thank you for a nice dinner. Let your partner know how much you appreciate them all the time. You can show it with your actions or tell them.

13. Stay true and loyal. With loyalty there's a certain amount of love and respect that is like no other. When you two have this, you have one of the strongest bonds ever.

14. Be there for each other in hard times too. You have to be able to be the rock your partner needs. In troubled times, they need a solid person to hold them, listen to them, hug them or just be there. Be that person, always.

15. Encourage each other. Always let your partner know that you believe in them and that they can do anything they put their minds to. Be their #1 fan all the time.

16. Don't judge. This one is a biggie too. Do not ever judge them or their actions, no matter how wrong or bad they were. Never say "I told you so". That's the last thing they want to hear.

17. Talk honestly about your problems. Remember people aren't mind readers. If there is something wrong you can't say "I'm fine" when you aren't. Discuss it openly and honestly with your partner. They want to know.

18. Work as a team. Even if you don't like the work or the job your partner has asked you to help them with, too bad. Help them anyway. They will app reciate you very much for it and you will feel good for helping them.

19. Give and take is important but try to give more. There's no harm in giving more as long as the other person doesn't take advantage of that and more than likely, they won't.

20. Try to remember all important dates. Even if you have to mark it on a calendar or your day planner. Do not forget anniversaries, birthdays and such. Ever.

If you are hoping for a lifelong marriage with your spouse then try some of these tips from some couples that have lasted over 50 years. Cheers to all you married folk!

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