10 Tips to Boost your Energy

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So many of my clients complain of low energy levels due to lack of sleep and stress. Today I'm sharing my top 10 tips to boost your energy.

Nutrient dense food "“ all macronutrients are required for sustained energy "“ this includes fats, protein and complex carbs.

boost_your_energyImmunity "“ ensure your energy isn't wasted fighting low-grade chronic infections by boosting your immunity with wholefoods, zinc and Vitamin C.

Muscle "“ build muscle via resistance training to increase energy-producing mitochondria in our cells. Fuel your muscle with protein.

Sleep "“ 8 hours each night. Try a nightime routine to get your body prepared for sleep and switch off your brain.

Breath "“ activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows our body to enter rest and repair mode. Adequate rest results in high energy levels. Take deep breaths that extend into your belly and last for 10 seconds. It's an instant stress relief and the most effective measure to let your body know it is safe.

Nature – there's a reason why we feel so refreshed after spending time outdoors. It's because nature is highly charged with negative ions. Negative ions help relieve stress, increase immunity and enhance vitality. Unfortunately our bodies aren't absorbing enough negative ions because we're constantly surrounded by electronic devices, pollutants and environmental toxins which emit positive ions. This is one of the reasons why fatigue, mental health issues and immune disorders are so prevalent today.

Digestion "“ boost your digestive system to ensure you are gaining all nutrients from your food. You may eat the best quality produce, but if your digestive system is sluggish you will not absorb and assimilate all nutrients.

Blood sugar levels "“ balance your blood sugar levels by eating every 3-4 hours. This post shares a typical day on my plate so you can gain an understanding of what to eat and when to eat.

Exercise "“ releases endorphins. Don't place your body under huge amounts of stress when you exercise as you'll produce cortisol (fat storage hormone). Just aim to move your body in way that feels natural and breaks a sweat.

Thyroid "“ lack of energy can be linked to thyroid issues. Get your levels checked by a practitioner.

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