10 Things that Make Women Beautiful and Make Up Isn't One of Them

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Magazine covers today are adorned with drop dead gorgeous women, usually scantily clad, with so much make up on we wonder what they look like under neath all that anyway. How much of that is Botox and fillers too? Today's cover girls are far from their natural state yet we are drawn to their beauty. And why not? They are, after all, quite stunning.

However, we all know that it doesn't take thousands of dollars of makeup and cosmetic surgery to make a woman beautiful and besides, not many men would be interested in that kind of "Barbie Doll" imaginary kind of girl anyway. Really.   And if he is, well who wants to hang out with someone that shallow  anyway. (And that's an entirely new blog post)

beautiful_womanEven as a man I can still understand that some women like to wear a bit of makeup to enhance some features. I get that. What I don't get is the women who have so much makeup on that they are beyond recognizable. What's the point? I look at my wife and I can quickly name 10 things that make her beautiful, and hopefully men  and women will recognise this.

1. Her smile.

There is a familiar saying that goes something like this "A smile is the cheapest way to enhance your appearance" and it's true. Some of us are so self-conscious of our smiles for whatever reason. Bad or crooked teeth, missing teeth, yellow teeth. Who cares? When we smile it's not our teeth that people are noticing, it's the warmth of your soul.

2. Her eyes.

Our eyes are the windows to our souls. When we look directly at a person when we are talking, our eyes do a lot of talking as well. They speak of love, kindness, gentleness and trust.

3. Her kindness.

Baking cookies for the neighbour, holding the door open for someone, offering to run an errand for a busy family or any other simple little act of kindness. When she does it with a smile that makes her even more beautiful.

4. Her selflessness.

She takes time to nurture and care for herself first and foremost, and that's apparent in her self-confidence, but she always has time to give to others.   She helps out when she can.

5. Her self-confidence.

She has so much she glows. She knows how to handle herself in any situation and is happy to help anyone who needs a confidence boost too! She's been through a lot and it hasn't tarnished her, it's made her shine.

6. She is proud.

But not boastful kind of proud. She's proud of all her accomplishments, everything she's been through, failures and triumphs. She's come a long way and she is damn proud of who she is today.

7. Her passion.

Is super fierce and undeniable. She is many interests but a strong passion to a select few and you'll know what they are. Even though she is juggling work, life, family, she still finds time to pursue her passion and not leave it on the back burner.

8. Her gentle touch.

She doesn't mind the gentle, loving and caring act of the healing touch. A soft touch of the hand, the cheek, the shoulder or a loving pat on the back. She knows the touch is very comforting and she's more than happy to offer it.

9. Her uniqueness.

She doesn't try to fit in or follow the crowd. She has her own beliefs and thoughts about things and loves to share them. She is not obnoxious about it, in fact, her uniqueness makes her especially mysterious and beautiful.

10. Her child like attitude.

She's not afraid to act silly and release her inner child. She is quite happy watching 3D movies with kids, blowing bubbles with a bubble maker, or eating Fruit Loops for dinner. She knows it's important to be silly sometimes too.

If you think you have any of these qualities please know that you are more beautiful that you give yourself credit for and all that makeup is hiding your true beauty. The real you. Real men want to see the real you. Shallow men want you all dolled up every day. You're not arm candy. You are a person wit h a heart, mind and a natural beauty. Flaunt it.

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