10 Simple But Powerful Things To Do First Thing In The Morning

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The morning routine seems to always be up for debate. Who has time to half the stuff we are supposed to do, or should do, before we even get the rest of the family up to start the day. No family, just you? Well you want to sleep just one more hour and hitting the snooze button has become extremely habitual for you now. It's gotten to the point now where you aren't just hitting it anymore, you are now slamming it.

The bed is a great place. Comfortable, cozy and warm. I think some days we could stay in there forever. I wonder, though, if you have a different routine in the morning, would it interest you in getting up earlier and looking forward to the day instead of dreading it? Let's see if any of these simple things might get you moving a little earlier.

morning1. Say thank you.

Even before you open your eyes. You're stirring, slowly but surely, immediately say thank you for another day. you are alive and made it through to the next day. Express gratitude for that.

2. Fling open the curtains and a window.

Get some fresh air in your house. If it's too cold to open the window definitely get those curtains open and bring in some of the powerful energy of the sun and a new day.

3. Meditate.

Even if only for 5 minutes. You can do this while your coffee is brewing. Go sit by the window, close your eyes (careful not to fall back asleep) and take some nice breaths in and out. Welcome in the new day and breathe out the fog.

4. Splash cold water on your face or better yet, jump in a cold shower.

This will surely invigorate you and get your blood circulating much faster than you can even imagine. Think of it as booster cables on your car battery on a cold wintery day. You'll be more apt to get stuff done, and more of it, more effectively.

5. Exercise.

Get out of bed, get a drink of water and get your heart pumping. You can do simple full body exercises or you can jog on the spot. Whatever your exercise of choice is, try to get in at least 15 minutes of it.

6. Stretch or do yoga.

Stretching is great for loosening up those limbs that have been sleeping for 7 hours.   Get out of bed, and start limbering up those muscles and get those joints moving again. This doesn't have to be long or arduous. 10-15 should do it.

7. Journal.

Get your thoughts out on paper or maybe even do a gratitude journal. Write out all the things you are grateful for before the day even begins and you will surely attract more things to be grateful for throughout the day.

8. Pray.

Clearly not for everybody though praying could be just as simple as a small gratitude blessing or affirmation to the universe or your higher power, whatever that is for you. It could be a small wish to make today a good day.

9. Drink water.

Before your coffee or tea and before you do anything, get rehydrated. Your body has been without any fluids for probably up to 10 hours. It is dehydrated and needs some lubricating. Get two glasses of water into you immediately upon rising. You will instantly feel this hydration.

10. Put some music on.

Whatever your music of choice is, put it on an d crank it up if you can. Or perhaps you like to listen to soft Zen like music. Wake up your brain, get some music into your soul and get your groove on. Music is definitely a source of all happiness.

These are just a few simple ways to kick your body into high gear in the morning. If you are one of those hit snooze all the time people you may want to put your alarm in another room or very far away from you so you literally have to get out of bed to turn it off. This in itself may deter you from going back to bed after the alarm goes off. Whatever the case and whatever you might choose to try, you should always try to be embrace each new day with vigor and a smile. Expect good things to happen to you each and every day.

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