8 Reasons Why We All Need To Unplug And Get Outside More

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There was a day when you used to walk past a playground or park and it would be fill ed with giggling children and parents. You could hear the excited shrieks two blocks away. It was constant activity. Moms and dads playing with their kids. The streets would be lined with joggers and power walkers. People everywhere. Getting fresh air, bonding with the family and simply enjoying life. It really was such a delightful sight.

Sad enough, that visual doesn't exist anymore. The parks still have kids, a few of them, but the guardian is busy on their cell phone, paying little attention to Sarah or Johnny. Not all, but many, too many. What happened to those good old days of interacting with each other, with nature, with life? Wireless devices took over our lives and we are now slaves to this. It's about time we unplug and get outside more and here are a few reasons why.

unplug11. Vitamin D is really good for you.

This vitamin is vital in our keeping our bones and teeth healthy. The only two ways to get proper levels are either through the sun, in moderation, or in supplements. For many, depending on where you live, supplements might be the predominant way to get D but others should gladly step outside and let their skin absorb some Vitamin D.

2. Fresh air is good for you.

Provided you aren't living in an industrial smog town, where the air actually might be really bad for you, the best way to clear your lungs and get some great oxygen flowing through you is none other than the great outdoors.   Many of us are stuck indoors working too many hours surrounded by electronic pollution. Get out and take a walk on a nice hiking trail, or head on down to a lake or river.

3. Clear your mind.

We've been plugged in for 8 hours, maybe even up to 12 hours, and our minds desperately need some decompression. The only way to clear your mind and dump all that information is to unplug, leave your device at home and get outside. Watch some butterflies, listen to the birds, get in tune with nature.

4. Nature's exercise.

No phones, no iPod, just you, your running shoes, a bottle of water and the sound of nature. Get out and embrace it, listen to it, take it all in while you are walking, running or simply sitting down by the river. Go mountain climbing and see how far you can challenge yourself. The exercise possibilities outdoors are endless. Try one.

5. Make new friends.

Yes, even something as simple as getting outside and walking can lead to great new relationships and friendships. The man sitting on the bench you see daily probably has some great stories. The lady you see walking alone every day maybe would like some company. Real time people, real time relationships. There is nothing better than that, really.

6. Find your passion.

You already sort of know what it is but you don't have time to explore or develop it because you're too busy being plugged in all the time. Get outside, get fresh air, clear your mind and let new and refreshing ideas flow through you. There might even be something outside that fires up your passion. Go find it, allow it to come to you. Be open to it.

7. Spend real time with family.

Get everyone in the house to get their runners on and go for a walk. Make it a weekly date if you want. Go to the park, go hiking, a picnic at the lake, whatever tickles your fancy but get the whole family to unplug and enjoy the great outdoors. Make memories, bring a camera (not a cell phone camera but a real one).

8. Take in your surrounding area with a new eye.

Go see what's around. Find a trail. Get down to that river you've been admiring on your drive home from work. Embrace nature and the world around you. Go to that new ice cream parlor. So much to do and see. Start doing and seeing it.

We get so wrapped up in our online worlds we forget the world around us, outside. The great outdoors. Unplug and go see it, embrace it, enjoy it. You'll have a whole new love for life.

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