10 Reasons You Should Be Kissing More

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Ah kissing. Who doesn't love to kiss, especially when you have someone you love dearly to smooch with? Kissing is not only beautiful, romantic, sensual, loving and fun but it also comes with some great health benefits, emotional and physical. Who knew?

I don't think we kiss enough. I think too many couples get too comfy in their relationships and don't share enough affection. A simple little kiss on the cheeks or the lips is a beautiful way to say I love you and you mean a lot to me. Actually a simple little kiss could possibly turn into something long and lasting too.

So why should we kiss more anyway? Here are 10 reasons why kissing is good for you, period.

Young affectionate couple kissing tenderly on Christmas street1. It increases happiness.

And who doesn't need more happiness in their life? A kiss always makes us feel loved, warm and fuzzy and when we feel all those emotions it's only natural to feel happy. Kissing when we're already happy makes us happier but try to remember a time when someone kissed you and you were gloomy and then how did you feel right after that? Chances are you felt a little better and, happier.

2. Lowers stress.

Of course. You're going to be happier so naturally you will also feel less stressed. Can you imagine if we kissed all the time all day every day? We would never be stressed and the world would be a happier place to be.

3. It's good exercise.

Ok so it's not like running a marathon but you use approximately 150 muscles, give or take a few, in your face to give a nice passionate kiss. This will burn a few calories, maybe one or two, but it's definitely great for your face. It will help retain a youthful appearance.

4. Can lead to wonderful intimacy.

This is probably a no brainer but really. if you are looking at your partner like maybe it's time to get busy, go over there and plant a nice passionate one on them and see what happens. I'm going to guess that it will lead to a fiery night of great love making.

5. Greater bonds.

I think holding hands and kissing are two of the simplest and fun things to do and the two that are done the least. These two acts of affection brings couples closer and binds their love more. Holding hands makes you feel like high school sweet hearts again (or new lovers) and that leads to kissing and more affection which in turn leads to a deeper bond of love.

6. Kissing is good for your health.

No really. It makes you happier, reduces your stress level and it's good exercise. All that is a great prescription to keep the doctor away. It's no secret that stress leads to other illnesses so when you are an avid and regular kisser, you have less stress, meaning you are healthier. It's better than an apple a day too.

7. Lowers your blood pressure.

That in itself is amazing and as silly as it so unds, it's true. Kissing helps dilate your blood vessels which lower your blood pressure. But not only that, remember that whole less stress thing? Yup, less stress less chance of your blood pressure going through the roof.

8. Fights cavities.

Kissing produces saliva and lots of it. Because of that the saliva helps to remove and prevent plaque. Keep in mind though if you are swapping spit with someone who doesn't have great oral hygiene then the reverse is true. You can pick up cavity causing bacteria. Ew.

9. Can relieve headaches.

Remember that whole blood dilating thing? Well because of that kissing can reduce that pounding headache you get as your blood dilates and the tension is relieved. It can quite possibly help with any other pain you may have as it can take your mind off of it for that moment you are lost in that kiss.

10. Kissing equals love.

And there is nothing more beautiful than feeling love and being loved. The world needs more kissers and more love.

Are you getting in enough kissing? If you aren ' t maybe some of these reasons will get you and your partner kissing more in the future!

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