10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

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It's Monday morning, you drag yourself out of bed and groan. You know what this day is going to be like. Slow and painful with the energy and motivation of an earthworm. Your energy, is and has been at an all-time low for far too long and you've just about had it. Quite frankly, you're tired of it (had to slip that pun in there) and wish to cure this once and for all.

So many of us pump ourselves full of caffeine throughout the day hoping to make it to the next hour and then the next hour and so on. When does the madness stop really? For those that don't drink coffee, too often they reach for unnatural energy drinks that are laden in sugar and other ingredients that you can't even pronounce.

Drinking waterPut down your cups and listen up. There are more natural ways to increase your energy level and keep it up consistently throughout the day.

1. Get some fresh air.

This is the by far the greatest booster ever. Get your runners on an d go take a walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Super easy and super effective. If you are stuck at a desk all day, take a step outside even for 15 minutes and breathe in some of that free fresh air. You'll see how much more energy you will have.

2. Cinnamon.

This is a lovely spice that will naturally boost your energy. There are plenty of ways to get cinnamon into you (and I don't mean cinnamon rolls or buns either) so you choose which method will be easiest for you.

3. Drink water.

Most of the time our bodies fall into a slump simply because we are dehydrated and can't perform anymore. Go drink some water, at least one full glass, and see if that does the trick. If not, drink another glass. You may be more dehydrated than you think.

4. Tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

I know this sounds silly but I discovered this trick a few years ago and still do this today. If you find yourself at work getting sleepy, tickle the roof of your mouth lightly with your tongue and you will see how quickly you wake up. It's odd but it works. Try it

5. Avoid sugar.

Sugar is a killer when it comes to energy, keeping it up and then sapping it out of us. We get high and then we crash. That's what sugar does. If you are looking for an energy jolt don't look to sugar for that. It will fade away very quickly.

6. Guided meditations.

These are great and can be super quick too. There are many meditations available on the web either for purchase or free, in all forms. The guided are great because they plug little positive ideas into your brain.

7. Smile.

Simple right? The more you smile the more joy and the happier you will feel and the happier you feel, well, the more energy you will have. This is just pure simple science.

8. Take a walk, dance, or exercise break.

Even just for 15 minutes. Get your blood flowing, get your heart beating, wake up your brain. Start moving. This will kick your energy into gear in a super fun way too.

9. Take a nap.

Yup. Just listen to your body. You know if you've been burning the candle at both ends it will eventually catch up. You are not a machine and can only go full throttle for so long. Your body is probably trying to tell you to please stop, even for half an hour.

10. Get up and stretch.

Move your body in a gentle loving way. Stretching is a great way to get those muscles awakened and get some blood flowing again. If you sit too long for work your body w ill think it's time to go to bed and things will start slowing down. Wake them up.

You see it's very simple to get your juices flowing again without the aid of drinks filled with chemicals. When we start feeling sleepy or lethargic, chances are your body is trying to tell you something. It isn't craving sugar or artificial energy drinks.   Listen to your body, always. If you are experiencing extreme fatigue all the time, you should not ignore that and go see your doctor. Never ignore anything that goes on for too long. It's a warning sign. We only have one vessel. Take care of it.

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