10 Reasons Why Chocolate Really Is The Cure All

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Yum. Wait, one more, yum. Who doesn't love chocolate? You know it never ceases to amaze when I come across people who don't like chocolate. That just baffles my mind. How can that be? There is even a wonderful delicious variety to choose from. Did you seriously try them all and still hate chocolate? I'll never understand this but for those of us who do love chocolate, listen up. I found some interesting tidbits of information letting us know that we should be eating chocolate daily.

For me, chocolate is that happy treat. It's that one thing I reach for that makes all my troubles seem so far away. Imagine how thrilled I was to discover that it's actually good for you too (within reason of course). Here are a few reasons why you should be eating this delectable treat every single day.

chocolate_gen1. It really is good for you.

Can you imagine? Chocolate with a high percentage of dark cocoa in it is very high in antioxidant properties and is the claim to reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke and heart attacks. The cocoa bean is very high in flavonoids, which means, healthy.

2. Comfort food.

It certainly is. No one has ever gotten over a broken heart eating broccoli. The best remedy for heart break or sadness is still a nice big moist piece of chocolate cake or your favourite chocolate bar. Maybe even chocolate chips cookies?

3. Mood enhancer.

There is a reason why men bring a lovely little box of chocolates to women on their dates. They know. Chocolate is the secret little love drug. Chocolate seems to instantly make us smile and happy. It also happens to be a little bit of a romantic treat. Sweet.

4. Jazz up your dinner.

You can add chocolate to a lot of the mundane meals you cook for your family and get them excited to eat that boring chicken again. Use your imagination, google different recipes and get some heart healthy sweetness into dinner.

5. It's a great sunscreen.

A sunscreen you can actually eat? You bet. Recent studies showed that people who eat dark chocolate daily have more protection on their skin from harmful UV rays from the sun.

6. Study better.

The flavonoids in chocolate not only protect your heart and enhance your mood, they are also great brain boosters. According to research they increase mental functions in order to help you perform well on tests and school work. Who knew?

7. Zen out.

If you are stressed or agitated, grab a nice piece of chocolate or maybe even make yourself a nice big steamy mug of hot chocolate and watch while you suddenly relax and calm down. A great alternative for those who have a hard time meditating. Chocolate can definitely put you in the Zen zone.

8. Happy kids.

Need to calm down some angry youngster or wipe away upset tears? Chocolate will surely do that. Another situation where broccoli just won't work. Sometimes it's just hard to understand why our child is upset and unfortunately it's not always so easy to calm them down and make them feel better. If a hug won't do, chocolate will.

9. Headache be gone.

In some cases. Careful though because in some cases chocolate can cause headaches but those of you who suffer the latter know your triggers. The caffeine in chocolate can really do the trick when a pounding headache has taken over. Not everyone likes to drink coffee or tea or get their caffeine that way. Chocolate to the rescue. Don't overindulge though. It may backfire because of the sugar.

10. It's really just a fun food that just about anything can be dipped into .

Fruits, chips, bacon (why not?) you name it, you can dip it in chocolate and make it better while cheering you up. Sounds like a win win to me.

There's no doubting that chocolate really just is a healthy happy food. For those who don't like chocolate, we don't understand you.

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