10 Things Will Happen If The World Had No Money

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Can we even begin to image that? The world with no money. No exchange, no currency, no trading, dealing, buying or selling. Or would there still be? Can we even begin to imagine what it would be like to not have to carry a wallet or always have money for our morning coffee? We could just walk in the coffee shop, tell the clerk what we want and he just passes it to us and we cheerfully exclaim, have a nice day and don't give him any money.

What a strange world it would be indeed. But what would happen to the world and the people in it, if we had no money and never did have any money. What would life be like? Here's what I think it might be like. Feel free to add your two cents, pardon the pun, in the comments section.

money1. Homelessness will end.

There will be plenty of homes still, but you won't need money to live in them. You can live in them for exchange for little chores. As a matter of fact, you will be able to just build your own home, anywhere you'd like because you won't need money for materials either. There will be no homelessness.

2. There will be no theft crimes.

You won't have to lock your stuff up so no one will steal it. No one wants to steal your things, they can just go get their own. They can have as many or as few of the things as they want. And they won't be luxuries. They will just be every day things.

3. Nothing will be a luxury anymore.

Go do what you want, where you want, when you want and as often as you want. You won't need money to buy, travel, visit, acquire things. just go get them. They aren't only for the rich or elite anymore. We're all rich now.

4. We're all rich in different things.

Like love and kindness. There is no separation between rich and poor. We all have the same amount of things and the only thing we are rich in is kindness and love. When you take money out of the equation there is no more prejudice.

5. Racism and prejudice no longer exist because really they only exist now mostly because of greed.

When we take money out of the equation it wipes out greed and racism. It wipes out hate crimes and religion, which are all based and fueled by money and greed.

6. There will be little to no marriage breakdowns.

Most marriages breakdown for financial reasons. Stress due to finances will be non existent. Couples will no longer have those arguments, no more money stress or worry. And more love, way more love and peace.

7. Life will be less complicated.

Money is the root of all evil. You've heard it a thousand times. It's not really but we still think like that. Take money away, take away the evil. Take away the evil and suddenly life is simple, easy and enjoyable.

8. More peace and happiness.

What will there be left to stress about? What to cook for dinner? What to wear to the movies? When we live in a world with no money, we live far more relaxed, no money tension or worries and more happiness.

9. Countries will all get along.

There will be nothing to trade, barter, kill off or fight about. What's yours is yours, what's mine is mine and if you run out, we'll gladly share what we have. You won't even have to pay us.

10. The world works in unison.

We all get along. We all help each other out. We all love each other and treat each other with respect and kindness. It's a simple loving and kind world where we are all friends and we all get along.

Imagine a world like this. What are your thoughts on a world with no money? How do you think it would work? Or do you think it would? Share your thoughts with the rest of us.

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