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3 Tips To Get More Time

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Many of us complain about how less time we have. We are cluttered with projects, work at home and doing things which brings in more frustration.

It goes on for days.

Chances are you wondering how the top performers do it.

Today is your day. Learn these awesome tips. Evaluate your daily work and make changes. Be brave and don't forget to stay awesome.

50_ways_to_spend_your_timeOutsource Repetitive Work

We miss thing a lot of time. Our day is packed with activities to do. Some of it adds more value than others, however each of them is important. You need to do the stuff which only you can do. Rest can be automated by outsourcing.

Outsourcing is the important step to freeing time"¦

For example, I need to cook dinner each day. Instead of buying vegetables and cutting them, why not buy already cut vegetables?

Maybe you can plan your dinner a week in advance so the week's vegetable are already there and you should need to do the cooking (the most important value added task)

Another example, You need to write 3 blog post each week. then edit it, add a photo and then publish.

How about hiring an assistant to do all that and you focus on the most important task, writing creative, quality and awesome content.

Have A Standard Planner

There are some things which you need to do daily. This can be converted to list which we need to follow religiously. For example, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast and checking kids homework.

These activities are blended in with our habits, so it comes naturally.

For other things, we tend to forget and get lost. Write down your standard planner which list down all the major value added task you need to do. Like below

  1. Write 1 blog post
  2. Check email for 30 minutes and respond
  3. Work on NEW project for 1 hour
  4. Read your subscribed feeds
  5. Exercise for 1 hour

When you have such list, you tend to follow them and it brings in the result in the long run. The best part is you don't miss anything valuable. You finish them and not wander what to do next.

Cutting down the thinking process of what to do next brings in some extra time. Try something new.

Overcome Mental Barrier

This is something which most of us ignore.

There are some common phrases which we think and stop us.

It's good business idea, I can't do it. Maybe I had more money.
I really want to lose weight, I wish I had some more time.
It's not for me. I am not that capable.

Yes, we may have some constraints, however we can work on that. When you want it badly, you work somehow to ACHIEVE it.

Giving up is easy, TRYING is tough…

Don't let these mind-blocks come on your way to success. Believe in self, don't dismiss anything challenging as impossible right away.

BONUS TIP : Skip TV and social Media

Yes, you read that right. It happens with most of us. We tend to start giving excuse, we don't have enough time. Let's put this excuse aside and look at real reason.

The truth is we all have limited time, we just need to set our priorities straight. Social media and television sucks up most our time (Game of Thrones anyone?)

I hardly spend 1 hour combined for television and social media. I haven't posted or interacted on Facebook for long time. My twitter posts are automated and I watch television or listen music while I am eating food or exercising.

This had given me extra time so I can accumulate new projects, learn a new language or spend more time with my family.

What if you can't avoid an activity like reading a book?

Switch to audible so you can listen to book while you are driving. This is the best use of your time instead of simply listening to music. Learn something every moment. Don't worry, it won't drain you out.


New projects, learning new skill or spending valuable time with family. These are few things you can utilize when you get some extra time.

The most productive people have access to same resource, limited time and restrictions like we do. You just have to shift your mindset and there you have it. You don't have to look for magical bullets to fill in the success road. It is there, it is hard and you need to start to accomplish the goals.

Since you learnt the above three tips to get more time, take action. The only thing stopping you is you.

Go ahead and make some time for your next valuable thing. Good luck.

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