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10 Podcasts Every Online Business Owner Should Listen To

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Podcasts are amazing resources to learn about the online business world, and an absolute must when you want to learn online business but feel you don't have the time.

You can learn as you're commuting to work, taking the dog for a walk, doing the housework, going shopping at the supermarket, on your drive to and from meetings.

Listening to podcasts is how I manage to cram in at least 1 hour of education every single day and trust me there are some amazing podcasts out there that will light your brain on fire with a-ha moments.

Here are the top 10 podcasts I would recommend for everyone who has an online business and want to learn marketing, business skills, and develop the right business mindset to make it online.

Top 10 Podcasts


Number 10
How I Built This With Guy Raz

How I bUilt This Guy Raz Podcast Cover

This podast from Guy Raz is a relative new find for me and it's perfect as it's like mini biographies of people who are making it in the business world.

I love biographies when reading books but there's just not enough of them out there and not ones that are relevant to me, so this podcast definitely fills that gap for me.

I think the style, the interviewees, and guy's easygoing manner is going to make this podcast a must listen to for everyone in business.

Number 9
Noah Kagan Presents

noah kagan podcast cover

I love the interviews on this podcast from Noah Kagan, from Sumo.com.

They are in-depth enough to give you some great information but not too long to overwhelm you.

Noah lets the interviewee be the star which I really like e.g. How to Write a best Selling Fiction Book with Pierce brown


Number 8
ConversionCast – Tim Paige

Conversioncast podcast logo

Another great podcast with some amazing interviews with the host Tim Paige from Leadpages.

Topics like Take Your Webinar Content Further are great. The shows are short and not quite as in-depth as I like, on a show like this, but I still love it nonetheless.

Great guests, great topics and Tim is a really great host.


Number 7
Funnelhacker Radio – Dave Woodward


Love this show with Dave Woodward from ClickFunnels.

I love hearing stories about how entrepreneurs actually made something happen and then get the breakdown of it, this show provides that e.g. Carissa Hill How a 48 Hour Facebook Funnel Made of $500k

Dave's presentation style is great and he definitely gets the most out of his guests.


Number 6
The Art of Paid Traffic Rick Mulready


I was first introduced to Rick Mulready through the Amy Porterfield podcast and since then I have been an avid listener to this podcast.

This is another podcast talking about paid traffic (I think the title gives it away), but it's in-depth look at a particular part of paid traffic is brilliant e.g. 7 Figure Automated Webinar Funnel in 18 Months

Rick's easy going style and the guest that Rick has on makes it a must listen to.


Number 5
Perpetual Traffic Keith Krance, Ralph Burns & Molly Pitman


image of perpetual traffic podcast show

Keith Krance, Ralph Burns and Molly Pitman have created a great podcast for learning how to do paid traffic the right way.

Mainly focussing on Facebook advertising I love how the three of them, and sometimes guests, bounce off each other.

The episodes are around 30 minutes in length, just the right length to sink your teeth into something.

Number 4
Social Media Marketing Michael Stelzner


This is another podcast I dip in and out of all the time when I want to learn something specific e.g. Messenger Chatbots – How to Get Started

I love Michael's style of presenting and the guests he has on are always amazing.

There's a little gem of a section that shares some amazing tools that online business owners can make use of.


Number 3
Online Marketing Made Easy Amy Porterfield


Amy is an absolute gem and you're going to love this podcast for her easy going style of educating and her in-depth topics.

Her authenticity shines through and the guests she has on are amazing e.g. Getting Started With Facebook Ads with Rick Mulready

I always find myself going back to this podcast when trying to learn about a particular topic in marketing.

Number 2
Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Su


image of marketing school podcast cover

I love this podcast for it's short, sharp treatment of the topics.

Neil Patel and Eric Su bounce off each other really well and all the episodes are around 7 minutes in length, so you can fit in a few episodes everywhere you go.

Most of the podcast episodes are in the form of a list e.g. 7 Growth Hacking Examples You Can Learn From.

Lately they have moved away from the list style episodes and going for the 'how to' style lists which works just as well.

Number 1
Marketing Secrets – Russell Brunson


marketing secrets podcast image

Russell Brunson is simply amazing and the thing is, he holds nothing back in everything he does, including his podcast.

I don't know how many a-ha moments I've had from listening to his podcasts.  Now rebranded from 'Marketing in Your Car' to 'Marketing Secrets' you will absolutely love this.

With over 300 short episodes I would take some time to binge listen to this podcast.


What podcasts would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know some of the great podcasts you listen to.

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