10 Extremely Important Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

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When was the last time you tried to do something and got frustrated and possibly even so pissed at yourself because you didn't know how to do? It could have even been a simple task too that you simply never learned how to do and no one showed you how so you just never bothered with it. Until now, that you need to know how to do it and you can't.

So how handy are you on a scale of 1 to 10? Are you one of those people who would much rather call on a neighbour or your partner for help to do things instead? There will b e times when you can't call on anyone. Are you prepared for those times too?

important_thingsI've come up with a small but handy list of some of the most pretty important things everyone should learn how to do, some of them lifesaving.   Do you know how to do any of these already? Have a look and see.

1. The Heimlich manoeuvre.

Do you know how to do it? This is something that is taught in CPR and First Aid courses so chances are, if you never took one of these courses, you probably don't know how to do it. You should learn. Immediately. You never know when you may be in a restaurant and someone needs this performed on them and there is no one there to help. Be that person.

2. Use a computer.

I'm sure there are many people still that don't own one and balk at the concept of owning one but look around you. Everything is going online these days. Even paying your bills. Soon the days of going to a bank to see a teller will be gone. The internet and the computer are a wealth of information and are quickly replacing normal daily things as you know. Get one, take an internet class. You'll be glad you did.

3. Check and put air in your car tires.

You should be able to do this because your neighbour won't be close by when you get to the gas station and see your tire is near flat, you don't have a spare (speaking of which, make sure you do) and you need to get home. This is actually a pretty simple thing to do and could potentially save you and your family from an accident, not to mention others on the road.

4. Light a fire in the woods.

Or anywhere really. Put yourself in a hypothetical situation where by some stroke of bad luck you are stuck somewhere in the dark and need a fire for warmth, or what have you. Find a wilderness course in your area or someone who can teach you how to do this. This could be tremendously lifesaving.

5. Change a tire.

Can you do that? Don't worry, very few can. Yet many of us find ourselves stuck on the side of the road with a flat, with our 4 way flashers on waiting for help. This is not really that hard to do and if you have the proper tools in your car (and you should) you will be changing your own tire in a minute.

6. Cook.

Say what? Yes, can you cook? You'd be surprised how many people don't and instead microwave frozen meals all the time or go out to restaurants. Not only is this expensive but it's clearly bad for your health. Cooking classes are everywhere and I bet some might even be free. Learn how to cook and eat your way to better health, not to mention saving a whack of cash to spend on other things like travel. And speaking of travel …

7. Book a plane, bus, travel ticket.

This sounds like something you probably think you won't need to do but imagine a family member far away needs you and you have to go see them but have no clue how to book anything to get there? After you take that computer course, play with some travel sites and see how easy it is to do this. It's also kinda fun too!

8. Swim.

I personally am not a very good swimmer but I can swim. If I had to save someone's life in the water I probably could. Can you? What if you are near water and either you are in danger or someone else. Can you save a life by swimming? Can you save your own life? Learning to swim is crucial. You never know when you might need to do it.

9. Perform CPR or First Aid.

Aside from #1 where someone is choking, what if someone faints in front of you or has a bad accident. Would you know what to do? A simple yet effective CPR/First Aid course will help you save lives or help people who are hurt. This person could quite possibly be someone in your family. Everyone should know how to do this.

10. Learn how to use a map or a compass.

This will save you tons of grief and frustration when you are lost. It's not easy to read a map nor is it super hard to do but it's almost necessary if you plan on travelling by car anywhere. How about read a compass? This will help you if you are hiking in the woods and get lost.

There are probably about 100 more things I can add to this list but these I feel in my opinion are some of the most important ones everyone should know how to do. What would you add to this list?

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