10 Surprisingly Easy Things You Could Do Today To Make More Money

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Bills bills bills, debt, credit cards, overdraft, maxed out, broke, empty cupboards, repossession. Any of these words sound familiar? Unfortunately, for most of us, we've used these words once or twice in our lifetime in describing a situation that is happening in our lives. There is no shame in it. We've all been there. We work our asses off at a job most of us don't like or we love it but the pay sucks. Nonetheless, it pays the bills, sometimes barely, but it does.

Do you feel like you are running on a hamster wheel never getting anywhere and spinning around so fast it makes you sick to your stomach some days? Well, you're not alone there either. The surprise here though is that it doesn't have to be this way. How willing are you to make extra money without working too much harder than you already do? How badly do you want to get ahead in life?

hand attracts money with a large red magnetIf you are determined and willing to do almost anything to make extra money, then something on this list might resonate with you.

1. House or pet sitting.

If you like kids you may even want to consider babysitting too. If you're going to sit around and watch TV all weekend anyway, you may as well do it and make money at it. Put an ad in the classified section of your local paper or on Kijiji/craigslist (contrary to popular belief, craigslist has some great and worthwhile sellers and buyers).

2. Speaking of putting out ads, how about finally getting rid of all that stuff you have collected all over the place that you do absolutely nothing with but keep talking about selling.

I mean, how bad do you want money anyway? There's probably over $1000 just sitting in your garage waiting to get off the floor and go in your wallet.

3. Regift gift cards.

Ok so I don't really mean give them to someone else but you can sell them. If you don't think you are ever going to shop at the store that you have a gift card from, then get rid of it. You could sell it for face value or even offer a slight discount. There is actually a few sites that you can sell them on. Do some searching around.

4. How are your entrepreneur skills?

Think you got what it takes? Start up a small business then. Small meaning no overhead, no start-up costs, something you will love doing and can make fast money doing. #1 is a good idea, if you want to run a little business doing this.   House cleaning, running errands for people, picking up dry cleaning, the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination.

5. Self-employment not quite your thing?

Why not pick up a very part time job. A fun one though. Ever wanted to be a bartender or a waitress? How about a Walmart greeter? Think fun. If it's going to be a job you're not going to like then you're not going to want to do it for very long.

6. The online world is a big beautiful thing and if you are somewhat tech savvy,

or even if you aren't, there are a million ways to make money online, legally, without paying for anything or getting scammed. Check out Fiverr and similar sites to put your talent to use and get paid. The freelancing world is also huge. Can you write? Post updates? Schedule things? A freelance job just might have your name on it.

7. Got a spare room and think of having a roomie?

Rent out a room. It will definitely help with the costs of housing and you can have a companion. Or you can advertise for couch surfing which is a huge deal these days.

8. Scrap metal anyone?

Yes you can make a ton of cash if you have some of this kicking around in your yard. Or maybe your neighbour has lots and needs it gone. You could also rummage around old junkyards and pick up metal that way and then sell it. Many have done this, and made enough money to buy a car. Seriously.

9. Roadside lemonade stand.

Ok so it doesn't have to be lemonade but depending on how adventurous you are, you could set up a stand and sell bottled water, maybe at a construction site or something like that. Fast money for sure with very little investment. Again, your imagination will go a long way.

10. Make things and sell them at craft shows.

You know that special talent you have of making scarves? Instead of giving them away for Christmas presents, why not start selling them? Depending on how fast and how creative you are, I'm guessing you could make some great easy money with that.

Making money doesn't have to be hard and what might start out as a side project to make some extra cash could turn into something more lucrative then your day job. Think big and dream bigger. Money is there to be made if you aren't afraid of thinking outside the box.

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