10 benefits of drinking hot water that no one told you about

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The great water debate is on the table yet again. Some like it hot, some like it cold. For those who drink it warm, they may not even realize the health benefits they are enjoying. Some of us simply don't like cold liquids. Tooth sensitivity is always number on e on the list of why people drink their liquids at whatever temperature they do.

So what are the benefits of drinking hot water? I've listed 10 below but the benefits will increase tenfold when you toss in an herbal tea bag of your choice. And that is a whole other blog post, one that you probably will find on any health and wellness site, but not here.

Water in any form, hot, cold, fizzy or sweetened naturally is very good and a must to consume on a daily basis. They say you should drink anywhere from 6-10 glasses a day but this will vary on your level of activity and size. We need water to survive. Our body is mostly water, without it, well, you get the point.

Without further ado…..

1. Soothes a sore belly.

For women, period cramping is a common problem. Sipping hot water will help ease the cramping. For the rest of us who get sore bellies, hot water will naturally relax the muscles that are causing some of the pain and help loosen things up to alleviate our suffering.

2. Good bye fat.

Yes you read that right. See ya later fat. Hot water helps to break down and shed fat faster. Researchers are still on the fence a bit about this one but to me it makes perfect sense. Put cold water in one glass with some fat and then hot water in another glass with fat and see what happens. The cold fat hardens and stays, the hot fat melts away. Sounds good to me.

3. Clearer skin naturally.

We love this. Water is a natural detoxifier. It flushes out toxins and impurities from our bodies which in turn helps promote healthier clearer skin. Throw a slice of lemon in there and you have double bonus detoxifying properties.

4. Calms a sore throat.

It's no fun to have a sore throat. It hurts to swallow. The feeling of swallowing a razor blade doesn't thrill anyone. Drinking hot or even nicely warm water is a beautiful remedy for this. Toss some sea salt in there and gargle that up to relieve your throat even more. Someone say mmmm.

5. Flakes be gone.

Dandruff is no one's friend. Those who suffer from dandruff rarely wear dark colours and are always embarrassed by the flakes coming from their head. Drinking warm to hot water will alleviate this problem as your skin will be hydrated nicely. While you're at it, try a less harsh shampoo and maybe some coconut oil on your scalp. That will certainly help those buggers too.

6. Plump grape versus raisin.

Hydration is vital to our health, right? We need water for a million reasons but most importantly it prevents us from shrivelling up and keeping wrinkles at bay. Who doesn't want soft supple smooth skin? When our skin is soft and glowing we look and feel younger.

7. Balances your metabolism.

For many of us, metabolism is a problem. I'm not saying drinking hot water is going to cure your issue but it may just help a bit. When we are dehydrated, we lack energy and vitality. Up your water intake and watch your metabolism stabilize.

8. Healthy shiny hair.

According to some research, drinking hot water increases root activity and promotes silky and shiny hair and also stimulates growth. For those of you that have lacklustre hair or your hair is falling out, try this natural remedy and see if that helps. Certainly doesn't hurt to try.

9. Let's get that blood flowing.

Hot water gets the circulation moving nicely, oxygen and blood get distributed evenly to the parts they belong to. We know that poor circulation comes with a myriad of health concerns. Drink water, keep the blood flowing.

10. Constipation be gone.

Please. Drinking hot water is still known as the to p best and natural cure for constipation. It is great for the bowels and helps to ease the discomfort and promote a healthy bowel movement.

Do you know of any benefits we may have forgotten to list here? Please share with the rest of us.

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