10 Beautiful Traits A Woman Has That Means She Could Be The One

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So cliché but still so true. Not all of us men are looking for that blonde bombshell with a perfect figure and legs that women die for. We can't deny that she's nice to look at, but if she doesn't have the qualities we are looking for in a partner, that beauty soon turns ugly.  We are looking for beautiful traits as well as outer beauty.

Arm candy is nice to have but one day you will realize the candy on your arm is turning sour. The result? A loveless, meaningless relationship. We all want that perfect woman. Perfect means different things to different people. To me it was a strong woman, with a brain, a heart, obviously a chemical attraction and a fierce loyalty, but I got the added bonus of my wife being beautiful as well.  

So how then do you know you have the perfect for you woman? What are the things you should not overlook if you happen to meet a potential life partner? If your new girlfriend has any of these beautiful qualities, hang on tight and never let her go. If you do, it will be your loss and the next guy's gain.

She's  Intelligent

Nothing wrong with a smart woman, even if she's smarter than you. Remember we all are smart at different things.   She can carry on a great conversation and mentally stimulates you all the time. This is a beautiful thing indeed.

She stands beside you

No matter what you do or want to do, she's right beside you. Not in front or behind. She's your equal and is very comfortable in that spot. She loves your new ideas and appreciates that you love hers too.

She boosts your ego

When you think you've failed or you can't do something or you're trying something new, she's going to be your biggest cheerleader. She will constantly tell you how great you are and you can do anything you put your mind to. She thinks you are the best person in the world for anything, ever, period.

She supports you

Emotionally, mentally, financially any way. She will stand by your side and support whatever mission you are trying to accomplish this week whether it be apply for a new job or put new windows in the house. She's there all the time for you.

She's a low maintenance girl with class

It won't take her an hour to get ready for a dinner outing with friends. She'll be in the restroom for 15 minutes and come out looking like she just stepped out of a magazine. She doesn't obsess about her looks but she certainly knows how to rock classiness too.

She's got a heart of gold

She'll drop everything on a dime to lend a helping hand. She volunteers with the needy, she does things from her heart without expecting anything in return. She doesn't count the good deeds she does, she just does them because she wants to.

She's optimistic

She sees the bright side of everything, even the really low and tragic things that happen in our lives. She will try to cheer you or anyone else up. She's the sunshine that walks in a room and lights it up. Her sunny disposition can diffuse any situation.

She graciously accepts everyone, even your crazy family

She doesn't judge people and accepts everyone for who they are even her in-laws. She understands that people are people and she treats everyone with the same respect and kindness.

She balances life, work and fun with ease

She knows how to have fun, but also knows when it's time for work and family. She's got time management and organizational skills down to a fine art. She's great at balancing the family. She's solid.

She's humble    

She knows who she is and what she's made of but she never puts herself on a pedestal or thinks she is better than anyone else. We are all equals. She's a down to earth, salt of the earth kinda gal. She can hang out with the best and the worst of them, always maintaining who she is and what she stands for. Equality and love for all.

If you found yourself a girl like this, you've struck gold. She's definitely a keeper and someone you will be proud to bring home to your family. Notice I didn't mention she is beautiful?

That's an inside thing.

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