Getting Answers Directly from The Unconscious Mind

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

It’s been a few days since I’ve written a post as I have been fully focused on the new Mind Alchemy program that’s just been released.  However this article kept on tapping me on the shoulder saying ‘I think you should write this.’ So I have decided to listen to my intuition and just write it.

It’s occurred to me over the last few days that I have somehow ignored my intuition, and my unconscious mind for a few weeks.  It wasn’t until a few days ago, right in the middle of the launch of Mind Alchemy that my unconscious mind tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘You should send this email out to your list.’

I had a fancy email to send out to remind readers what the Mind alchemy program was all about and at that particular point my partners and I had about 32 sales of Mind Alchemy, not great but still good for the first edition of the paid version of the course.  I was about to send out an email with some contrived copywriting and my intuition said ‘Listen, just tell everyone how mind alchemy came about and tell the real story about you ,and how far you’ve come in life.’  I sat down and wrote the email in about 10 minutes, straight from the heart, even though I’ve told the story before. I almost advised readers not to buy the course if they didn’t feel in their heart it was right for them.  The result was another 52 sales in the next 24 hours, obviously with the help of my partners.

The point is not about the sales, but about listening to my intuition and trusting it to help when I needed it.  It’s also about being inspired and listening to that inspiration when it strikes.  Another example is another product that came directly from doing the launch of Mind Alchemy.  My unconscious kept telling me ‘Are you going to write a product about how to make cartoon videos?’, I kept ignoring it, thinking I had far too much on my plate just now, but oh no!, that little voice kept bubbling, saying I should write this product and show other marketers how to do this.  I have since listened to it and started making the product with my son, who is going to do some voices for me on the videos.

Ignoring the unconscious

All too often we get a feeling about something, but our logical brain takes over and tells us not to listen to a feeling.  After all, why should we listen to a feeling when it doesn’t deal with the real world? The feelings we get sometimes, are reminders, I believe, that we are connected to something much bigger than us.  If we learn to listen to those feelings and act on them, we develop an almost sixth sense and hone it the more we listen to it.

Crossing the Bridge Technique

To be able to work effectively with the unconscious mind there’s one huge tip I can give you:

Ask it a question you wish to have answered, and then leave it be to work out the answer

I call this ‘Crossing the Bridge Technique’ as it bypasses the conscious mind altogether, and goes straight to the unconscious mind. One thing to do here is to keep the conscious mind busy, as it will throw up all sorts of logical, immediate answers to the question you ask to the unconscious mind.

That might sound a little strange, but I’ll give you a perfect example here.

Have you ever been speaking to someone from your past and thought ‘what the hell is this person’s name?’, your logical, conscious mind racks it’s brains for the answer but it just isn’t coming.  You try for a few hours to no avail, you’ve flat out deleted that person’s name from your memory banks, or so you thought.  You then turn the question over to your unconscious mind, and let it search about for the answer whilst you busy the conscious mind with some task.  Suddenly the name of the person comes to you, and you feel relieved.

You can also use this technique with the bigger questions in life.  Another perfect example of this recently was when I was making the pre-launch videos for Mind Alchemy.  I was searching for ways to make the videos a little different, something that nobody has really done before.  I turned the question over to my unconscious mind,  and busied my conscious mind with writing and editing websites.  Then it came to me: ‘Make a video using a cartoon character and interact with it.’  Immediately I wrote the idea down and waited for more information, and that’s how the pre launch videos came about for Mind Alchemy, something that nobody has done before and something different and engaging that would get a lot of people talking. I am using a lot from my recent launch as I have been so engaged in it for the last month :)

Let me know what you think about this and your experiences.



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  • I loved your article sir . I truly believe this . I would like to share a small bit of knowledge I ve. I read that one can connect with his subconscious by breathing . As in breathing is the only mutual thing that conscious and subconscious mind shares. If you just concentrate on breathing and start finding answer to your question it quickly goes to the subconscious and the answe is found. The subconscious mind works best in alpha state where the brain And body are in perfect harmony and our mind is empty.

  • […] the best way to do it is to take control of the subconscious mind and start to reprogram yourself. Do you wonder why it’s very difficult to change your unwanted behaviors and attitudes? For example…your decision, and another part of you that say “No way!”. It’s like there are two of you […]

  • manyntimes there are such intutions which we do not understand at that vey moment but they come true after some time so how to train concious mind not to ignore the messages from the unconcious mind

  • It’s only the last couple of years that I have started to trust my intuition. Wish I had’ve listened to it more when I was younger… ah well, better late than never. :-)

    I hear what you say about “getting out of the way” and allowing the unconscious mind to find the answers to the questions that you give it. Amazing how the answers pop-up when you least expect them. Thanks Steven.

  • Im impressed. I dont believe Ive met anyone who knows as a lot about this subject as you do. Youre truly nicely informed and really intelligent. You wrote something that folks could recognize and created the subject intriguing for everybody. Truly, excellent blog youve got here. Steaven Will you please write an article how to imporve our mind and brain power?
    I hope you have a great and deap knowledge in this field.

  • Steve: I think that is some really good advice. You have to know how to listen and follow your intuition. There is always a reason why it is pointing you in a certain direction. I am intrigued by the Crossing the Bridge Technique you shared. Will definitely have to try it out. Great post … glad you followed your intuition and wrote it :)

    • Hi Sibyl, Crossing The Bridge technique does work wonders and I am constantly amazed at how the subconscious mind works, that’s what makes life so exciting sometimes :)

  • Hey Steven,

    Excellent post about listening to our intuition. Of course the rational mind can sometimes be helpful too, but we also need to practice following those gut instincts from time to time, especially since that is often where our real creative magic comes from.

    I feel a similar way sometimes when trying to write music. If I try to consciously sit myself down and pump something out, I get too overanalytical and nothing seems to flow. But if I walk away from it and go do something, the unconscious mind pops in and goes, “Hey we should do this!”

    It’s like a eureka moment, but you have to let it come naturally.

    • Hi steven, without a doubt the rational mind needs to be heard as well. However, the unconscious mind is where everything is stored so it makes sense to listen to it more, when the conscious mind can really only hold about 15 bits of information at any one time, it’s a wonder we make decisions using it :)

      I love those eareka moments you talk about. I often get them lying in the bath, which is a nuisance as i have to get out of the bath to act on them :)

  • Steve,

    The sub-conscious mind is where all of our programming is such as memory. The sub-conscious is also the place where we can make real changes to ourselves especially in the field of personal development.

    Learning to trust and use our intuition is a must in these changing times.

    • Hi Justin, I totally believe in this and am always looking for more ways to tap into the subconscious mind. i also believe that we have access to a shared subconscious mind, it’s the area I am really interested in just now.

  • Hi Steve, Your talk about the subconscious is right. It works best while we are all sleeping. I’ve tried this myself. If i want to remember something before i go to bed, i will say out loud ” I Will Remember “. The next morning, i automatically remember what i wanted to. I think this is why scientists will never work out how our brains work. They are overlooking the link between our subconscious and our mind. Put simply, they are continually changing every few seconds.

  • Steve, I want to let you know how much your new blog design has grown on me. It’s beautiful! I love your ideas about utilizing the unconscious. One of the techniques I have heard of is a) asking the question b) before sleep c) paying attention during times that you are doing other things (e.g., running, working out).

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your kind words about the blog Charlie Pabst is an amazing designer and i would highly recommend him.

      That’s another great trechnique you’ve shared which i’ve used often to good effect.

  • My unconscious has been a well of knowledge for my professional development. I can’t be more thankful then when my unconscious slips a great blog idea, web page design, or new spin on a service we offer.

    Great post and such a true concept.

  • Hi Steve,
    This is really great timing. I was nodding my head the whole way through your post. I’ve just recently discovered once again (for the nth time) that I was ignoring an intuitive hit. Sometimes they’re just easy to miss. The second I saw it though, and moved in that direction, I felt the relief of it. Really glad I found your blog!


    • Hi Melody great to have you here. The more you trust your intuition the more you come to rely on it as your guiding light, it’s amazing.

      Glad you found your way here, and hope to see you back soon.

  • Hi Steve
    Great article! I do receive answers in the manner you wrote about. It’s always such an electric moment to have the answer just pop up! I’d love to know how you created that awesome animated video.

    • Hi angela, thanks for your comments about this.

      With regard to the animated videos i am currently writing a product about it which i will send to you when i have completed it next week 😉

  • Another technique to tap into your unconscious mind, or tap into your intuition, is to “walk the path”. Walking the path is a guided meditation where you label two paths with possible alternatives and then close your eyes and picture a walk that you may take. You then walk both (or multiple paths) and note the feelings, environment and sense of the paths. At the end it is often clear which path has the better “intuitive feel”. Can be a useful practice – love your blog – good work.

    • Hi Steve, that’s a great exercise. i remember doing something similar years ago, and it’s a great way to get in touch with the unconscious mind. thanks for sharing that, might have to do a guided mediation for it and put it up :)

      • Yep – exactly – have used it a lot and is well received, have good reports back from those using the approach to confirm that they are linked more tightly to the choice they make.

  • Hi Steve,
    You make an excellent point here. Our subconscious minds seem to be waiting for us to listen. I have experienced the name phenomena that you talked about many times. A couple of years ago I had this nagging feeling that I ought to make a certain decision about my day job. I ignored it and then there was an unexpected change in my job and I regretted not listening to that little voice.

    You’ve done a great job. The idea to use a cartoon which you interact with was very clever. I expect to see others following suit soon. Also congratulations on the response to your email, that’s fantastic!


    • Hi Stacy. the name forgetting is a killer sometimes :) but if you trust your mind it does come.

      Your example of listening to your instincts with your job is a great lesson. You recognised the nagging feeling and will definitely know what to do next time.

      Thanks for all your support Stacy, you’ve been great over the last few months.

  • Our experiences shape our unconscious and our intuition. It is just good to trust it. Plus that is also carried by our instincts. I sometimes trust my instincts when it just “feels” so right. Sometimes it is risky but it is worth the effort. :)

  • Dear Steve, I am a 52 year old female. I practice Alternative medicine, I am a soul healer, a spiritual consultant for the past 20 years and always interested in such extraordinary occult things. Realizing the intuition is always the right guidance for your soul goal and you have to master the art of doing it. Your mind will always have to be kept in its place by knowing when it intrudes and I am a person who has lived by it. My experiences are vast and when I happened to see your blog felt like writing a few lines. If I can be of any help I would be too happy to do so.


    Love & light

    • Hi Jana, I love meeting others who have taken an ‘alternative’ path in life. It would be interesting to hear some of the stories you have about being a soul healer. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see more of you here on CYT.

      Thank you for your kind offer of help, I am sure some readers would benefit from it.

  • Hey Steve, I love that realization of having listened to intuition, acted on it and experienced the joy of knowing the right path has been taken. That feeling of letting go the angst and allowing the space for our own truth. I’m a spiritual person and chose Christianity as my route through. I’ve trusted and it has worked. I believe in the ethics of respect and non judgement of others. I also know that that is a hard task to achieve, but I also believe that being emotionally honest wins through in the end. Your testimony is proof of that with the increase in following that you wanted.
    So many people associate being intuitive as a female trait. It applies to men too. It is an amazing gift, particularly when used appropriately and ethically.

    • Hi Marty, it’s a great feeling to be able to trust your intuition.

      I am so happy that your path has led you in the right direction, you have done amazing over the last two months and it’s been great getting to know you.

      I think you’re right that society sees it as being a female trait, particularly in the western world.

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