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Your 5-Day Journaling Blueprint

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Lots of people tell me all sorts of things, and while I am not going to be breaking any confidences here, one thing that has often puzzled me is when people say they don't like journaling. It doesn't agree with them"¦


Journaling as a tool is time and space for you, with you. You and You alone!

"˜Me time' is central to everything as without you replenishing you and connecting with yourself and, having that time to process, clarify, ponder and complete, your energy is always scattered.

journalingWhen people say that journaling doesn't agree with them, it isn't actually the art of writing in a book it is the fact that they are not comfortable with themselves.

Whether it is the excuse of time, or only wanting to use technology, or don't see the point of it or something else, if you fall into this category of believing that journaling isn't for you or necessary I want to inspire you to change your mind today.

Journaling, by hand, the old fashioned way is one of the most integral aspects of personal development.

I say old fashioned, only because we are a technology fanatical world and the act of using your physical body and putting pen to paper has a different energy than putting it straight into a file that you save online or similar.

The energy of writing the old fashioned way anchors and grounds and then if you choose to copy it to your computer you are inviting action energy, however for journaling that is not necessary as when something grounds and anchors energetically, the "˜earth' energy can do its thing without us needing to control it.

Journaling is a tool for personal (and spiritual) development. It isn't a "˜dear diary' exercise.

I like to see my journaling time as my opportunity to resolve energy; as if I am mentoring myself.

It is also a way for me to detox, especially if I have been experiencing a surge in emotions, or self-judgments. Journaling enables you to cut the noise of the emotional and mental body and hear your soul. When you say journaling doesn't agree with you, or you don't like it then you are basically saying, I do not want to listen to my soul.

I am sure you are thinking, yes, I would journal "¦ but what do I journal about then?

To help you I am going to give you 5 journaling questions to get you started and you can rotate these questions every 5 days and then you have your journaling blueprint.

I suggest you give yourself a minimum of 5 minutes to journal. You can journal for more, however even 5 minutes at first can seem like a huge amount of time and like all things in life it is about the quality not quantity.

I suggest you let your journaling time be sacred too, so just you and your journal. Make sure you aren't going to be disturbed as much as possible and smile, you are going to enjoy it!

Day 1: Today's journaling task is to answer the question: How far have I come today?

Human nature through mass consciousness is wired to focus on what hasn't been achieved, or what wasn't successful and then that is used as a whipping stick for self and sometimes others. (The blame game is always a shame game!) Today's journaling question steps you out of this pattern and look at how far you have come. Include everything, if you cleaned out the fridge that hadn't been cleaned in a year then acknowledge that in your journal and equally if you have published a blog post, written an eZine, made some headway with a programme you want to launch etc"¦ then write that too.

The only rule is you aren't to judge whether you have come far enough as then you are affirming you haven't and the universe can only give you more opportunity to say just that!

Day 2:What did I do well today?

This really is about complimenting yourself from the mundane to the extraordinary. It may seem contrived initially however you know the Law of Attraction, you get more of what you focus so it makes sense to focus on what did go well and build from there.

Day 3: What limiting and repeating emotions am I ready to let go of and what am I willing to replace them with?

Today's journaling is more reflective and gives you an opportunity to explore your emotions. Where is that you are on a default pattern, AKA reacting rather than responding? Where do you take things so personally that it immobilises you as you get into an emotional pickle? Is there an alternative way? You may not resolve the emotional pattern in one go of journaling, however it will be a step towards resolve, so allow yourself to use your journaling to evaluate and observe yourself so you can be your master rather than letting your emotions master you.

Day 4: My affirmation"¦

After yesterday's more in-depth journaling, today you can simply write your affirmation out on a page of your journal and then explore the inner chatter that results. Is it supporting you? Is it challenging the affirmation coming true? Can you change a belief, just one to support you aligning with the energy of your chosen affirmation?

Day 5: What quality do I wish to increase and how will I bring this into my life further?

Most people can talk about how they would love to see more peace in the world, less violence, more happiness and more tolerance and so on. Today's journaling invites you to bring the quality you may wish to see increased into the world into your life, or simply a quality you wish to expand in your life. In exploring this you can start to both invite the quality to increase in your life and discover ways you can consciously bring it into your everyday life.

Your journaling time is for you and your soul. It is supposed to be fun and sacred, light hearted and enlightening.

If you can bring this practice with regularity and commitment into your life you will see your energy shift and your life experience improve. How can it not when your soul is being engaged?

What are your thoughts? What else would you add to this?

Do leave a comment, share your wisdom and ask your questions and let me know how you have got on with your new journaling practice!

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