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5 Reasons Why A Sexy Voice Is Nicer Than A Pretty Face

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Ok so maybe not nicer than a pretty face or a handsome face but a sexy or sultry voice can certainly be more appealing than a beautiful face. I'm hoping you don't take this as sexist or chauvinistic or anything negative of sorts. It's just a fun read really. Keep an open mind, as always.

We have all experienced that one moment when you meet someone and when they speak you get weak at the knees. Or perhaps their voice makes you a little flush because you just experienced a whole bedroom scene while they were talking. Voices have more power than we give them credit for. It could also be that when someone spoke their voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Whatever the case, here's a few fun reasons why a sexy voice really does have a great impact.

sexy_voice1. Say that again?

When you listen to someone who has a great voice, you almost hang on every word they say and whether or not you actually are listening is another story. Sometimes we get so hung up on their voice, we didn't hear a word they say. The pay off? You have to ask them to repeat what they said, and you get to hear their voice even longer.

2. That was very interesting.

So in the case where you actually were listening and did hear what they said, because their voice is so damn sexy, you pay attention to every single word they said and their story is far more interesting and intriguing than if that same story was told by someone who had a normal voice.

3. I feel you.

You can feel all the way down deep into their soul. Their story is great, their voice is amazing and you can almost feel an instant connection with their words, their story and even their heart and soul. This is definitely a person you want to have more conversations with in the future.

4. What time is it?

Who cares? Suddenly you realize you've lost all track of time, something that definitely wouldn't have happened if you were talking to someone who had a monotone voice. It really doesn't matter what time it is any more. For once, you are enjoying good conversation while enjoying a pleasant voice.   For once, you aren't stressed about the time either.

5. Thank you for your business.

People are more apt to want to do business, or more business, or maybe even actually purchase something, from someone who has a sexy voice. They want to stay and hang around you longer and listen to you talk about your business. Because of that, you are more likely to close a sale or have more success upselling a product. They love to listen to you and if you go on and on about your business, your voice alone will convince them it's a great deal. No really. I'm not even kidding.

Having a sexy or sultry voice can definitely be an asset if you are in business or if you are looking for a partner even, maybe. People will generally gravitate towards someone who is pleasing to listen to. Research has proven time and time again that many factors contribute to whet her or not people will want to spend time with you or not and your voice, happens to be one of them. Imagine going shopping in a furniture store and your sales clerk has a whiny or screechy or high pitch voice. Studies show that you are more likely to bolt and not buy anything simply because you were annoyed by the sales person. We are odd creatures at times. Next time you are out shopping or hanging out with new people, pay attention to the voices and see if you notice you feel differently depending on the tone of their voice. Simply just a fun little experiment for you to try.

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