You Can Change Your Body With Thought Control

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Can you control your own hormones and cells?

This is a bit of break from the norm for me. I am interested in personal development, as you know, however I am interested in the science of personal development also. I have been looking at cell biology for the last few years, not studying per se more like reading with interest.

Last year I came across someone called Dr. Bruce Lipton, an internationally recognised expert on cell biology. For the last few years he has been teaching and giving seminars on the Biology of belief. He believes that, through the power of our thoughts and beliefs, we can control our biology and our cells and ultimately our whole world.

His books have been instrumental in changing my thoughts on personal development and given me inspiration. I am not trying to sell his books here so you can check out his blog to get more information, "˜The biology of belief' is a great book to start with.


Can we control our hormones?

We control our hormones every day without realising it. When you are in a stressful situation you release a signal to your brain which in turn releases adrenalin into the bloodstream to help you deal with the change (fight or flight response). You sometimes cope with this by taking deep breaths and your adrenalin levels return to normal. This is a very simplistic view on it and it is more complicated than this. However it illustrates how we can control our hormones to a degree.

Can we do this with all of our hormones?

I am now of the belief that we can do this, we just need to know how to talk to the unconscious brain which will then interact with our bodies hormones which will then have a direct impact on the bodies cells.

There are literally trillions of cells in our bodies all talking to each other and interacting through an unseen force called energy. Energy is everywhere and nowhere, it is an unseen force and directly affects our whole lives. Our thoughts affect our energy force which in turn affects the way people interact with us which in turn affects how they interact with other people and so on and so forth. This means that the heated argument you had with your partner yesterday could have an affect on the whole world, now that's just crazy to believe that isn't it!

This means we are, literally, all connected to each other with this energy. Currently you might believe the world is poisoned with all the insane and horrendous events taking place. We could be fueling this toxic energy by believing this.

I hate listening to the news and do not read newspapers as they infect us with thoughts of murder, rape, violence, war. I know these things go on in the world but I do not want to know the gory details because I become extremely angry. I have sometimes caught the news on the car radio and found myself upset and angry when I have heard a news story. The awful thing is that the news reader reads it in such a way that it doesn't sound all that bad, she has a cheery little voice when reading out that someone's head was blown off last night in the local pub.

Hormones: our first step to control

There are studies being done looking at fat burning hormones and how they can control weight. I am currently playing with the idea of trying to release these hormones naturally. By naturally I mean when not exercising and through direct thought control. Exercising is an important part of losing weight however I believe we will be able to release the hormones that burn fat with belief and with thought control.

If this is possible the implications on many aspects of our lives are huge. For example the drug industry would lose the power it currently enjoys, the health service would be directly affected, the ability for us to take control of our lives would change the world.

Of course this is all pie in the sky just now. Studies are just that: studies. They don't prove anything and studies can be very biased.

Having said this I think it is a possibility that we will learn how to control our thoughts, then control the release of certain hormones and chemicals, which can then control the cells in our bodies.

Some ways to try and reach the brain

I have been trying to come up ways of directly communicating with the brain and the unconscious mind, which is more powerful than the conscious brain, and I have come up with the following:

  1. Trick the brain: it may be possible to trick the brain into releasing hormones into the bloodstream. You might have heard that the brain cannot distinguish actual events from imagined events. So for example if we were to imagine that we were exercising in our minds would the brain then release chemicals and hormones to burn energy?
  2. Write to the brain: By writing something over and over again it may be possible that the brain will take the information you write and form a belief which in turn affects the chemicals and hormones released into the body.  Imagine writing: Every time I go to work I feel happy
  3. Hypnotise the brain: This is the same as the writing example above, saying something over and over again forms a belief which in turn elicits a response from the brain which in turn releases appropriate chemicals and hormones into the blood stream.

For example telling yourself over and over again that you are an extremely calm person may change your personality from being that of an angry person to that of a controlled and calm person.

These are just some ways you might be able to access the unconscious therefore accessing the brains control centre which in turn accesses the chemicals and hormones released into your body.

The bigger picture

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg here and I have presented it in a very simplistic way. I have come up with my own possibilities of what humans could achieve if we were in control of our hormones and our cells such as weight control, mental health issues, disease, there are literally thousands of ways this could benefit our lives should it happen to be true.

What if it's a case of simply believing it's true and then work from that premise?

Next week I will be writing about the unseen energy, as mentioned above.

Some Studies in this field:

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External bioenergy increases intracellular free calcium concentration and reduces cellular response to heat stress.

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