Star blogger of the week – 18th July 2007

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A great personal development blog

I have long been an admirer of Jonathan Bankert and admired his writing and his blog. He is a strong believer in the "˜Law of Attraction', which comes across strongly in his articles; however, he backs up his belief with life examples.

Jonathan is a deeply spiritual person and has a religious view of life, but was disheartened at a young age after a few life set backs. He began searching for the "˜meaning of life' and found "˜spiritual laws' and "˜the law of attraction'. He has managed to blend this thinking with his religious views, which makes for a great blog.

He has just received an award from fellow blogger Jennifer Jones which he is genuinely pleased about and rightly so. I think his writing will be recognised more and more.

Some great posts you might want to check out are:

How to have clear and lucid dreams "“ This topic is one which I love as an old practitioner of lucid dreaming

Manifestation through the amazing power of gratitude and inspired action "“ Another area of personal development which I really do believe in.

Can you sleep less, have more energy "“ A topic made popular by Steve Pavlina and still going strong.

I think Jonathan Bankert more than deserves this week's Star Blogger award

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