Working With Your Subconscious Mind

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There are two types of mind: The subconscious mind and the conscious mind and we use them in different ways to go about our daily lives.   All is well with the world, but what if we could learn to harness the power of the subconscious mind as well, and cross the line between the subconscious and the conscious? Well, here is a 3 minute task you can do to show you that this is entirely possible.

We'll come to the task in a second, for now I wanted to discuss the subconscious mind.


Subconscious Mind

We all know we use the subconscious mind every day for essential tasks such as driving, walking, working, and as I type this article, my subconscious mind tells me where the keys are on the keyboard and I don't have to look for them every time I want to type.   So the subconscious mind is a the guide that makes living easy, if you know what a macro is you'll know that is how we sometimes go about our life: as if we have pressed the macro play button and we just get on with it.

What if we could access the subconscious for much more than going about our daily lives.   What if it was possible to reach out to other minds and connect with them, we don't put names to these other minds we just connect and go with the flow.   They are not just ordinary minds we are connecting with they are more spiritual, more energetic, purer, for the sake of argument we will call this the Over-Mind.

The Over-Mind

The over-mind connects us with an energy that is not yet known and we can dip our toe in the river of energy to receive insight. You have more than likely experienced this at various times in your life without knowing it.   It's the moments when there is a sudden flash of inspiration or clarity and it happens at the strangest times. I have experienced it when looking at the beautiful architecture   in Glasgow City Centre, I have experienced it when looking at my wife and children laughing together, I have experienced it just after a meditation session.   It's untouchable and it's hard to recreate at will but we will try it today.

Am I an expert on this over-mind? Absolutely not! I haven't a clue, all I am doing is putting these feelings and thoughts into my own words and labeling them.


To connect with the over-mind, very briefly, I am going to give you a phrase.   Try not to think about it, just let the words sink in and let them go, you will start to notice that you get images, thoughts and just start writing these down or automatically write down what comes without thinking too much about it.   The phrase is:

To be able to live the life I want, I need to ..


It might only be a few words that come up, it might be a novel that comes up, just write it down in the comments section and let me know how it felt, if your felt anything, were you connected? Anything at all that comes up just let me know.

If after doing this exercise you are thinking "˜I don't want to be the first to comment' just be brave and go for it, there is no right or wrong way to do this.

We can have a discussion after a few people try this.

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