A-List Blogging Bootcamp With Leo Babauta Now Open

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Last week I mentioned that Leo Babauta was running another A-List Blogging Bootcamp well just to let you know registration is now open.

I am certain you will love the course and everybody you meet there as well, and as I said I don't often endorse products and don't really sell in my posts at all so you know I must really like the course.

The details

It runs between 13-17 February and covers these topics:

The Psychology of Subscribing
How to Use design to Hook Readers
Why Usability is the Key to Keeping Visitors on Your Blog
Crafting a Killer About Page & Prime Posting Rhythm
What Kind of Content Creates Subscribers and How to Write it
How to Craft Headlines that Lure Readers to Your Blog
What Kind of Images Attract Readers
The Art of Guest Posting
How to Promote Your Blog: Strategies that Rock
How to Leverage Social Media for Super Success

Leo's included a money back guarantee on the training

$50 off the cost of the course

If anybody decides to take the offer up with one of my links I will send you $50   via paypal after you have completed the course which runs from 13th February to 17th February.

Please send me an email once you sign up and I will verify the details and send you over the $50 once the course is completed.

Registration starts today and is only open for a short time.

You Can Sign up for the A-List Blogging Bootcamp Here

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