Why Female Entrepreneurs Are Better Than The Men

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Have you noticed a trend in the business world recently? The shift, in the male dominated world of business and marketing, is starting to happen. A shift that should be welcomed with open arms by everyone. There are more and more savvy female entrepreneurs starting businesses online, and doing it so much better than the male counterparts. Why is this?

why_female_entrepreneursPreviously, females had to compete in the male dominated world of business by adopting the same attitudes and taking on the same characteristics of their male counterparts: ballsy, uncaring, hard nosed and ruthless. Today's business women don't need to adopt any characteristics of the male species, they can just be themselves.

There are nine entrepreneurs I am thinking of in particular as I write this:

Danielle LaPorte

Katie Frieling

Marie Forleo

Naomi Dunford

Laura Roeder

James Chartrand

Sonia Simone

Pamela Slim

Penelope Trunk

To answer the question of why female entrepreneurs are better than the male counterparts we have to look at the way the world of marketing and business is changing.

Authentic marketing

Consumers can see through the bullshit marketing of old, where the only person that was a winner was the sleazy salesman who was rubbing his hands with the thought of your money.

Women are much more open and honest when it comes to their marketing, and it comes across as being much more authentic. When someone is more open and honest, a trust between the consumer and the business person begins to develop almost immediately. Danielle LaPorte is one such business woman who comes across, immediately, as being open and honest and it's hard not to trust anything she says.

Another woman who takes authentic to the extreme is Naomi Dunford. She says it like it is and doesn't make any apologies for doing it, it's great to read her work. Naomi has built up a following of avid fans, and this is down to her no bullshit approach to her business.

From mass-media to micro-media

Consumers now have the choice to choose what TV they watch, the choice to stop being interrupted with the ads on TV, what brands they choose to follow, and the choice of talking about the brands they like, and connect with.

It's all so much more multi-dimensional than it has been in the past. Can you imagine someone 30 years ago giving a big company bad press without being sued for it. Nowadays it's the consumer who is in control, the consumer who has the choice, the consumer who has the voice.

This is why the female entrepreneurs are so much better, their natural tendency is to listen first and act on the information they receive, whilst the male of the species act first and listen later. yes, that's a bit of a stereotypical view, but one that, I believe, has merit.

Mass-media is no longer applicable in today's world, we have become a mass of people who choose our own media niches and follow those within.

From interruption to involvement

Gone are the days when we are interrupted with marketing campaigns, we now have the choice of choosing to listen or not. Our bullshit detectors are now highly attuned and we can spot the bullshit the moment that cheesy smile appears on TV advertising the sweet smell of odour eaters or something equally as bland. I would much rather have an ad on TV saying 'Do your feet smell as if a small furry animal has died and been left to rot in the sun for 15 days? – Then it's time you bought odour eaters'

Marketing has changed from putting out a crap advert on TV and putting it front of millions of people, to interacting with the consumer and taking time to listen to their opinions.

Some of the more savvy companies are changing the way they market and actually involving the consumers they are advertising to. There is an ad over here in the UK which has an ad showing a telecommunications product, and invites the viewer to choose the ending of the advert by voting online, millions of people have voted. That's a great way to get your brand known, and women are at the forefront of making this type of marketing happen.

Sex appeal

Guys just don't do sexy well at all, it either comes across as being very camp or laughable. The adverts on TV, and online, for men's aftershave have feminized the men so much that it's actually quite disturbing. More and more adverts that try and make guys sexy have made the guys very effeminate, both with their look and the way they act. In fact I believe over the last 10 years men have become feminized to a degree and we are losing that sense of maleness. So, sexy does not work for men, but it still works for women.

I am thinking of a recent video by Marie Forleo and Laura Roder who were marketing a business class they have for women. They used their sex appeal to make fun, tongue in cheek videos, to create a fantastic online campaign that had everyone talking about them for a few weeks.

Women just get it

Women get our social world today, they know it's about listening, really listening, starting conversations, interacting, bringing people together and collaborating with each other. Men are starting to get this and incorporating it more and more into their business strategies, but I believe it's the women who will come out on top.

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